Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh Well!

Rebecca had a costume fitting for The Nutcracker last night, so we chatted on the drive home. Rebecca told me about a picture that she had drawn at school - it had a picture of a little girl with curly hair (but it wasn't Rebecca!), and the little girl was drawing a picture so she had a pencil in her hand, and there was a mommy cat who was sitting by her bowl of water, and there was a baby cat who was sitting by its bowl of water.

I asked her if the baby cat was a boy or a girl.

"A girl!" she answered. And then she continued talking about babies. She informed me that if you wanted a girl baby, and you got a girl baby, you can say "Yay!" She also informed me that if you wanted a boy baby, and you got a boy baby, you can say "Yay!"

So I had to ask...

"What do you say if you want a girl baby, but you get a boy baby?" (or vice versa).

Her answer?

"Oh well!"

So... if any of you are expecting and don't get quite what you want, you can thank Rebecca for giving you an appropriate response!


Blogger Deb said...

That's awesome!

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