Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Mane Event - "We're Going On A Lion Hunt!"

By 1:15, all but 5 kids had arrived. No time to lose, hopefully they'll arrive in the next 5 minutes.

The next event was "We're Going On A Lion Hunt." You're probably familiar with the "Bear Hunt" chant, and this was very similar, but with a lion twist. I was very worried that the kids wouldn't get into it and I'd be stuck standing there all by my lonesome chanting "We're Going On A Lion Hunt! We're not scared!", etc, but the kids liked it, and it was a lot of fun. This was probably one of my favorite activities at the party.

Thankfully, by the time we had finished, the missing 5 kids had arrived, so we split into teams.

As I had mentioned before, each child had a name tag with a different colored lion on it. I told them to go stand by the lion on the wall that matched their name tag. Voila! Teams! Thankfully, none of the kids complained, although I am sure that one or two of them were disappointed. I was really surprised, but since it was the name tags that told them where to go, instead of a person, the kids acted like they couldn't argue with it) . I worked hard on the teams because while I wanted to ensure that every child knew at least one other child on the team, I also wanted to split certain people up -- even best friends. It seems that certain children get a really nasty streak if someone comes between them and their best friend, and they also are not as willing to include other people if their best friend is around. So I split them up, and it worked REALLY well. No one squabbled, no one cried, and no feelings were hurt. It was amazing!

Since everyone was divided into teams, it was time to start the group rotation.

"We're Going On A Lion Hunt!"

"AAAAAAH! It's a Lion! RUN!!!"

Some of the Orange Team

The Green Team

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