Thursday, June 15, 2006

On Top Of The Boxes, All Covered In Tape

The update is this: We are in the house.

Most everything is still in boxes which are mostly in the garage, but you could say that we live here now.

I have been working like a mad woman to get the kitchen unpacked. I think we must have the slowest dishwasher in the world because it is taking forever to get our dishes washed - and they ALL have to be washed because they have been in storage for 10 months. Interesting problem - I have emptied almost all of the obvious kitchen boxes (and browsed through the ones that are not emptied) and I am missing two types of items. Butter knives and dishcloths. The dishcloths I can understand they could be packed in a box with breakable stuff -- or heaven forbid -- left in the dryer at our last house! But the butter knives? How can I have all the other utensils but no butter knives? It's very strange.

The Pink Princess' room is almost done. It looks very pretty. It's very pink, with lots of soft white frilly accents. We did the majority of it last night, and it still needs a little more help (I haven't painted the dresser yet, for example), but she loves it. It made her happy for a few minutes at least.

The Purple Draong's room is still purple. It needs a lot of decorating -- nothing has been done. A few more days.

Our room is not painted, but it is put together in the sense that all the furniture is arranged and some of the clothes are actually where they are supposed to be. Also, we got a new comforter set and I splurged and bought nicer (300 thread count) sheets. It really doesn't sound like much, but MAN, these sheets are nice! They feel so soft, I really, really, like them. It's amazing what a slightly higher thread count number can do for a good night's sleep!

Almost everything else is chaos. I take comfort in the fact that, as mentioned earlier, most of the boxes are in the house.

The burn on my arm is much better. I can tell it is healing because it is very itchy today.

The mosquito/spider/bite/zit bump on my face is ugly. I want it to go away. It's hard and gross and I don't know if it will go away on its own or if I should be concerned and call a doctor in case there is something really wrong about it.

The Pink Princess is in summer school. I do not know if this is a good thing or not, but it only last for 5 weeks, and it's only 4 days a week. They are going to the Planetarium today. She always says she wants to go, but she comes home extremely cranky and it's hard for me to deal with. Maybe with her room done she can go in there and chill out for a little bit before joining the rest of the family? Unfortunately, I have to pick her up at school today which most likely means that the ride home will be miserable.

The Purple Dragon is a couch potato. I think we need to go for a walk today, maybe let her ride her tricycle around the block. All she wants to do is watch TV. Also, she's not eating very much which kind-of bothers me, but she's 3, and that's supposedly normal behavior (eating in spurts), but she is also more naps than usual. She is also adjusting to the new house. She says she is lonely in her room. Sad!

Um, there is probably more to write, but I can't think of it right now, so this will just have to tide you over until I really have computer access again. Another day or so, says King Isepik. We are having router problems.


Blogger dubby said...

When Bryan was born, we had the kids in separate rooms. But Allen was asleep on the floor of Bryan's room from the very first. When I asked why, he said "Now I never have to be lonely again!" At 3, it is okay for my buddy to feel like she still needs to be around others. I guess I will have to come visit her. Tell her purple is my favorite.

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