Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Plastic Everywhere!

Wow. It's been a long, strange 24 hours.

I managed to get the girls dressed and in the car and we did a whirlwind trip to Home Depot and Wal-Mart and arrived at the house shortly after 12 pm.

We did a quick walk-through which kind-of depressed me because when there is no furniture in the house you quickly realize how much work there actually is to be done.

Everything seemed to be OK for the most part, so we got the keys and just like that, we were officially homeowners.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon there attempting to do some taping in preparation for painting, but in reality spent most of my time talking with the girls and feeding them popsicles and juice drinks and opening and shutting doors for them, because the doors kind of stick. So I didn't get a lot of taping done.

We left at about 4:30 to go home so The Pink Princess could watch her favorite TV show (CyberChase), and we could have dinner (BLT's... YUM!)

We loaded up the car with drop cloths, a steam cleaner, more cleaning supplies, paint supplies, and clean towels for my eagerly anticipated bath. Then we had to make a quick stop at Home Depot to buy some paint brushes and a different kind of plastic because I had bought the wrong kind before. Then it was off to the house.

We spent the majority of the night taping. We taped everything. It is now resembling a gigantic plastic bubble. I was exhausted long before we finished, so dear sweet Isepik finished up the taping while I basically sat on the floor and was completely useless. I think the main reason why was because I spent the entire afternoon there with very little cool air -- we got the swamp cooler running, but it simply could not cool off the house. It was hot and I was drained.

When King Isepik started painting the ceiling, he gave me permission to go and take my bath. JOY! I had already bleached and vinegared the tub, so it was ready to go. It was kind-of funny because when I first climbed in, I thought it was a little small (it is smaller than our last two jetted tubs), a little loud (the motor is right underneath your head), and very whistly (the knob that controls the air flow to the jets whistles if water gets in it). So I wasn't thrilled and a bit disappointed. However, here's the proof that water is extremely therapeutic for me -- after about 5 minutes, I didn't care AT ALL. I was lost in la la land, completely oblivious to the world around me, drowned in bubbles and really warm water. HEAVEN! I haven't had a bath in 10 months (Yes, I HAVE taken SHOWERS), so this was a luxury.

After my bath I felt rejuvenated, and since Michael didn't need any help with painting, I began to clean the fridge. My Mom loaned me her steam cleaner and it is really good at getting sticky dried on stuff off... it basically just melts away. I stuck the 'door shelves' in the dishwasher and let it do the work, and I handwashed several of the other shelves. There's more to do, but it looks much better. I didn't think I would like the steam cleaner but it really does a good job, so I think I'm going to take the time to use it on the rest of the fridge and other surfaces in the house.

We finally left at about 2 am. I know The King and I will both be exhausted tonight (him more than me, because I got to sleep in some), but there is more painting to do, so we will persevere. I told him that my main concern was the girls room, and after that it was kind-of a tie between the kitchen and our bedroom, kitchen ahead by a hair. After that, I feel like everything else can wait. So we will just do what we can, and it will be fine.

I am currently awaiting a phone call from the people who are supposed to deliver our washer and dryer. They are supposed to call me about 30 minutes before delivery, which is supposed to take place at noon. This means they should be calling in the next hour and a half. However, in an hour, I have to take The Purple Dragon (and The Pink Princess who will tag-along) to her music class -- so this probably means that The King will have to go there to meet them when they finally do call.

The girls are being so good through this challenging period. They don't quite grasp what's going on -- The Pink Princess was begging to go to Lagoon yesterday morning. The Purple Dragon just wants to know when we are going to sleep there. I think it will make a lot more sense once the furniture is actually there and we are sleeping there. Normalcy (to a degree)! All in all, they have been really good. They were angels at the house yesterday, and really enjoyed playing in the master bedroom closet.

Oh - and one more random thought... whenever I leave (just in general) The Purple Dragon gets upset and cries. She always says "But I don't want to miss you!" I thought it was cute at first because it's essentially the way that she says "I'll miss you" - but her way of saying it is so much more profound. We know that we will miss someone when we say good-bye (usually!), but the truth of the matter really is that we DON'T want to miss them... meaning we don't want that "missing" feeling. I just think it's cute and it's something that I want to remember... so now it's blogged.

And the delivery people just called, so King Isepik is going to meet them there because if I go, I will probably miss or be late for The Purple Dragon's music class.

Consider yourself updated!


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