Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bad News

Yesterday we took Lizzzie, our Intrepid, in for some brake work. We anticipated that she needed new brake pads or something along those lines and that it would cost about $100 - probably less. $500+ later, she is doing much better - but our wallets are not. Such is life.

The worst news, however, is what happened when I came down to my computer this morning to try to work on my 'Funny Farm' game. It's been going great - several squares completed, several almost completed, only 3 more squares to attempt to find my way into.

And Windows caused my computer to automatically shut down because it got a new update that 'required' it. No warning, no chance to save, nothing.

My game is basically gone. I attempted to locate it through history, and every other method that I can think of, but it's simply no use. It's almost 100% gone.

I'm sad. But I am NOT giving up.


Blogger dubby said...

Oh, sadness. But you lost the Funny Farm and it is driving you nuts! How ironic!

7:54 AM  

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