Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

Let's see, for the past two days I have spent a fair amount of time (though not all of it) playing the previously mentioned game. I now have access to 14 (UPDATE: 16) squares, but it is getting much, much harder. Still fun though!

The Pink Princess is back in school full time (vacation is over), and seems to be enjoying it. At home though, all she wants to do is have fun. No homework, no piano practicing, no jobs, just fun. I want to give up, but I won't, because I still have hopes of her being a happy, contributing member of society, or at least her family. :)

The Purple Dragon is still attending the neighborhood preschool (the one that had the time-out incident), but I am closely evaluating her. I attended her preschool on Monday (unexpectedly), and the teacher is really nice and organized. She seems to be really good with the kids, and has great lesson plans. The Purple Dragon was being a pill - she does not want to do what the class is doing most of the time. So I'm still not sure it's a good fit, but I'm trying it out through the end of the month. She seems to love her other preschool though, and her teachers told me today that she is really smart when it comes to numbers, which is what I expected all along. They said she is currently doing what the 4 year old class is typically doing about half-way through the year. She is in the 3 year old class. The Pink Princess is my reader, The Purple Dragon is my numbers girl -- though I have hopes that both of them will eventually enjoy both subjects -- but it's obvious where their strengths lie (for now!).

Earlier, I also wrote about the upcoming 300 millionth American being born. Of course there has been hubbub in Utah about Daniel Peterson possibly being that baby. This to me is simply ridiculous, but I wonder if I would be claiming the same thing if I had been the mother of this child. I am betting though, that it's not really the parents who claim this, it's the media, trying once again to make 'much ado about nothing.' I thought this was pretty cool though.

Oh yes, I forgot to answer a question from one of my readers. I believe it was in reference to my being in "The Sandlot." Yes, I was in the movie. But I'm not anyone famous. It just happened to be filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah and I was one of the extras. You can't see my face in the movie, but basically my entire backside takes up a large portion of the screen in one scene. It's where they are having the neighborhood picnic, and one of the 'stars' runs by me as he heads off to play with his friends. I am wearing a green and white checked dress (small print), and I have long brown hair. I haven't watched it for a while, so that's about all I can tell you. But I did get paid! Woohoo!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the explanation and your comment today!

12:07 PM  
Blogger dubby said...

I have finished the funny farm. Yup. I cheated. Needed my life back!

4:53 PM  

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