Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've Got A Headache...

... and I should be in bed. But yet, I feel like I should write something, ANYTHING, just so you have something to read. :) An out-of-date blog is becoming depressing to me.

My Life: As much as the meal planning experience drove me nuts last week, I think I am enjoying the benefits. We've been eating fairly well, and it is definitely more enjoyable to cook when you actually have everything that you need to cook. But for the record, I still don't like cooking. I did drop the ball a little yesterday, so we had pizza. But that's ok - wanna know why? I planned for pizza in our meal planning. HA HA! I knew that I would drop the ball, and given the fact that I don't really like cooking, I figured I should throw in a day of freedom. Now I just need to make it 10 more days or so, before I can have 'planned' pizza again. :p

King Isepik's Life: Usually the best update for King Isepik's life can be found at his blog. He works hard. He also spent pretty much all day Saturday watching TV until I came and turned it off. LOL It's OK, he wasn't mad at me, and I wasn't mad at him. But boy, he watched a lot of TV that day! He also did some work on our Halloween decorations, and our front porch is starting to look kind-of cool, though I doubt we're the best dressed house in the neighborhood. I'll simply say that blacklights RULE.

The Pink Princess' Life: Strange week at school for her - MTW are all half days; no school on ThF. They are having SEP (Student, Educator, Parent) Conferences this week, and then it's UEA (some kind of conference for teachers). She's basically loving school because they are mostly having fun all week - though her teacher is doing a pretty good job at keeping them busy. I think they are mostly just enjoying the break from the regular routine. Her SEP Conference went well - her teacher says that she is doing very well in school and that she is SO quiet the teacher sometimes forgets she is there. If you've met The Princess, you are probably wondering how this could be possible. Yeah, we're wondering the same thing.

The Purple Dragon's Life: The Purple Dragon got conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) on Sunday. Her doctor phoned in a prescription for us, but, as you are probably aware, the treatment is EYE DROPS. The Dragon does not like this at all. We have to treat her 3 times a day for a week. I think she might be getting used to it, but there is still no joy in attempting to wrench her eyelids open while she screams like a banshee. King Isepik has been chief medicine-dropper-inner while I have been something more along the lines of a cheerleader-soother. I think we will ALL be glad when this is over. She did get to go to preschool today though, and had great fun making an Ostrich and an Owl. I will try to post pictures of them later this week - they are quite cute.

That's all, folks!


Blogger Cathryn said...

Blacklights??? Oooo, I want to see your house now! Take pictures or something!

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