Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Mind Is Spinning

I spent a large portion of my day shopping. I will post more details tomorrow. I realize that some of you probably don't care about my shopping trips AT ALL, but because this was a HUGE shopping trip, and because I love a good deal I have to put it on my blog. It's a part of me. Seriously.

I spent about $170 (including taxes).

We piled all of my "deals" on the kitchen table when we got home, and it was an incredible sight. We took pictures, and yes, I will post those too.

If I hadn't had coupons, my total would've been just shy of $500.

I still have another $35 in free money to spend (coupons that are valid on my next shopping order).

My big purchase? DIAPERS. Over 500 of them, in fact (10 smallish packages). (Yes, I am well aware that they won't last long.)

Again... more details tomorrow (after my next shopping trip...).



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