Monday, October 23, 2006

My Last Day...

of being the sweet old age of... 32. Yes, I'm being honest. I always joke that it's my 29th birthday (again!) but I can also be honest about how old (or young) I really am. So tomorrow is my birthday. I'm pretty sure my Mom is giving me money so I can go shopping (and I think she is going to babysit The Purple Dragon for a few hours), and King Isepik is going to buy me a new blanket... but in reality, I will probably buy it and he will give it to me. Hey, it works for us. The Pink Princess has made something for me - probably something out of paper, miscellaneous plastic pieces and lots of tape. The Purple Dragon will probably draw me a picture. And everyone who is available to attend will show up at our house tomorrow night for cake and ice cream. Yep, we sure know how to celebrate around here. King Isepik's really been a dear asking me what I would like for my birthday -- but I really can't think of anything. There are things that I want (a new computer for one), but financially we can't afford that yet even though the money IS in the bank. It's just not a wise choice. We are hoping for very good news involving a potential raise at the end of the week, and if it comes through, the first thing we are doing is going on vacation. Then we are increasing our savings account and getting out of debt. Then comes things like a new car (potentially), and new computers for both King Isepik and I. But I am counting our chickens before they hatch -- all I really want is for King Isepik to keep this job so that we can survive. Living with my wonderful husband and my two delightful girls, having a roof over our heads and food to eat, and occassionally having a little bit of extra money for something fun is all I really need to be content.

On Friday, I did Round 2 of my 2-week (approx.) shopping adventure. The meal planning was a tiny bit easier, but still took a lot of work. I got most of the shopping done in one trip, but I need to take a trip to Costco today to pick up a few other items. It appears that our needs are running at about $200 each session - that is including all household supplies, and occassionally an unnecessary item or two. I don't think that's too bad. I am not used to NOT going to the store every few days though. It's a good thing, but it's strange.

Funny Farm - as I mentioned, I lost my game. However, this may have been a good thing, because when I was going back through re-entering all of my info, I had a few new brainstorms, and I have now opened up all the windows. I've still got a lot of empty spots to figure out though. I now save the game religiously.

Also, as previously mentioned, I had some moles removed last Thursday. The doctor called me around 7:30 on Friday night. I panicked a bit, because what doctor is going to call you after hours unless it's bad news. I was wrong. Apparently this doctor was trying to prevent me from worrying about it all weekend and shared with me the good news that they were all benign. My head and back are healing REALLY well - my arm felt like it was on fire yesterday. It feels better today, but I wonder if it is getting infected. I will probably call the doctor's office today, just to run it by them.

Oh yes, I have decided that through October 31st, I will be posting one Halloween joke or riddle each day on Cachinnates. Honestly, the jokes will probably be pretty corny, but hopefully you'll enjoy a few of them!

Nothing else too exciting that I can think of at the moment. Unless you count dragging a reluctant Purple Dragon to preschool exciting.


Blogger Gail said...

Hoppy Beerday :D 29 again, huh? Good times. I've decided to be 25 on my next birthday. Just knock 10 years right off. That's so the plan ;)

12:11 PM  
Blogger dubby said...

Happy Bi-i-rthday to YOU (cha cha cha)
Happy Bi-i-rthday TO you (cha cha cha)
Happy Bi-i-i-i-i-irthday dear Karen...
Happy Bi-i-rthday to YOU (cha cha cha)

(complete with virtual hip action you kinda hafta imagine!)

Guess you got my present

3:17 PM  

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