Sunday, June 10, 2007

One Year Ago Today...

... we moved into our house. Yes, the 10th of June was moving day. I am glad that is over... for lots of reasons. The bad news is, we still have stuff in boxes. Ugh. Some of the "stuff" is probably stuff that we can get rid of. But some of the "stuff" I really do want to keep, but we just have no place for it. So sad. I'm hoping to decrease the number of boxes over the summer. Wish me luck!

On Friday, Mom's School was pretty much a complete flop... we went to IKEA instead. I wasn't thrilled with the store. I've been to IKEA before, and I know what type of furniture, etc, they have to sell, so it wasn't that. But they also have a "kid care" center, and when we went to drop off our kids, they had FOUR (count 'em FOUR) kids in the center, and said we had to be put on a waiting list, a LONG waiting list. When we finally were called back, they did have more kids in the center, but still - FOUR!?! I don't know what the child care laws are, but one person is certainly capable of taking care of more than four kids. And there was more than one day care provider working. Whatever.

The food could've been better - like if they had actually had what was on the menu. And, note to self, next time, skip the "display" floor and just go the main floor where all the stuff that you actually want to buy is.

On the plus side, we went with one of my friends and her 3 kids, so it went a lot more smoothly than if I had just gone with my kids by myself. It wasn't a bad day - but it wasn't what I had hoped it would be.

Friday night, The King went gaming. That means that me and the girls get to spend a nice peaceful night at home. Yeah, right. The Princess tormented The Dragon which caused The Dragon to bite The Princess - and everything went downhill from there. This is not normal behavior for our family, this is just normal behavior for when Mommy's in charge and Daddy is nowhere to be found. *sigh*

Saturday was interesting. I finally found swimming lessons that fit with our schedule, and that I could afford. This month we are only doing Saturday lessons, which means we get 4, 45-minute lessons for $15. Anywhere else, the same thing would cost about $28. As a bonus, The Princess is the only one in her swimming class, and The Dragon only has one other little girl in her class. Wow! $4 (not quite) an hour for private (or almost) swimming lessons! That's a deal.

So anyway, we went to swimming lessons, and the girls seemed to have a good time. While there were some protests about what the teacher asked them to do, it really did go quite well. The kids were drenched when they returned to me (including their hair), so that makes it a success right?

Immediately after swimming lessons, I dropped The Dragon off at a friends birthday party. Thankfully she was willing to stay by herself, so I got to go home and relax for a little bit, during which time I accomplished nothing.

An hour and a half later, I picked up The Dragon, brought her home, and the kids had lunch. The King felt that the kids, The Princess in particular, were being a little bit bratty so he wanted them to take naps because we had an activity planned for later in the evening. He got them settled in bed, and they slept for THREE HOURS. Wow. The King chose to take a nap too - I picked up a few things, talked on the phone, and played computer games. It was a peaceful afternoon.

After everyone woke up, we got ready for our evening adventure - a Salt Lake Bees game! The first inning was really exciting! Then the Bees got, um, stung? Baseball is definitely more exciting when your team is winning. We were really happy with our seat selection (The Princess got tickets from her baseball team earlier this year so they were FREE), and it was 'Oreo Night' so the girls had a lot of fun watching a giant Oreo and Milk Carton dance around the field, with an occasional glimpse of the "Bee." We had a winning sticker in our program, so we got a free double scoop of ice cream, which was probably more like a quadruple scoop of ice cream - Bumble Bee Ripple flavor (Banana with Fudge 'Ripples'). The kids went nuts over this unexpected treat. After the game, there was a "Kids Run" where the kids got to run the bases, and then there was a photo op with the "Bee." And then, (we love freebies), they gave us multiple packages of Mini Oreos! Wow! What a night.

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Blogger Lara said...

IKEA can be overrated, but I still like to go (we had one when I lived in Phoenix area and I went about once a month). Bummer that they were out of the food...they were out of fruit cups when I went last week so one of my dd's was disappointed.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

What a fun day! We keep talking about taking our kids to a Bees game. I love those times when everyone is sleeping and it's just me and whatever I want to do!

I just reread your blog bio - I didn't know you were in Sandlot!!! Which part - that is one of our all time FAVE movies!!!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

(((((you are sending me mini oreos))))

The Lady Flabina

(((((don't listen to her!!!)))


2:35 PM  

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