Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Weekend...

EDITORS NOTE: I have just reread this entry, and I realize that the last paragraph may sound a little bit like I blame The King for what happened to The Dragon during swimming lessons. For the record, I do not blame The King for handing her over to the instructors. She could've easily calmed down and have been just fine going off of the diving board. There wasn't much that The King or I could've done to stop this from happening - other than yelling at the instructors - so again I say, I DO NOT blame The King. Just wanted to clarify! :)

Pictures of the bracelets, eh? I'll have to see what I can do, because if you have kids, you are probably well aware that what the kids "really want" quickly becomes LOST amongst all the other things that the kids "really wanted." They're around here somewhere... I'm sure of it.

The King has been working very hard today on a home improvement project. He is making window sills for all of our upstairs windows. The downstairs windows will have to wait a while. As usual, we encountered conflict, but I think we have moved beyond it. I think that by the time they are finished, they will be quite nice. Much better than the drywall squares we are currently stuck with. One thing this house has taught me is that if we are ever looking to move, I will think twice about buying from Ivory Homes. Let's just say that the quality of their work leaves something to be desired. It's frustrating.

The girls had swimming lessons today. Unfortunately, the pool seemed to be short on instructors, so they combined the Level 2 and Level 3 class. The good news, The Princess and The Dragon were in the same class. That, unfortunately, was also the bad news. The Dragon couldn't do half, or hell, three-quarters of what the rest of the class could do. They also dropped her (screaming) off of the low-dive. I'm not very happy about that, but The King was present and he was the one who handed her over to them knowing full well what was about to happen. So I don't exactly feel like I can blame the instructors entirely. I reserve the right to reserve judgment until NEXT week - when I can see how The Dragon reacts to the swimming pool in general.


Blogger dubby said...

My brothers thought it would teach me to swim to throw me in the deep end. I hate water in my face to this day.

11:54 AM  

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