Thursday, December 13, 2007

Customer Service

Let's talk Customer Service.

Here are some examples of BAD customer service:

Telling a customer that you will be there at 5:30 so that the customer can pick up the furniture that they ordered and then NOT SHOWING UP is BAD customer service.

When the customer calls and asks why nobody is there, being told that "We're closed on Wednesdays" even though you previously told the customer that you would be there at 5:30 for pick-up is BAD customer service.

When the customer calls the phone number that showed up on the customers Caller ID when the store called to tell the customer to be there at 5:30, and talks to a person at their home who obviously is the person that called to set-up the appointment, and the person DENIES ever being the one to call said customer - you've got yet another example of BAD customer service.

When this company tells you to STAY AT THE STORE in the DARK and FREEZING COLD because the owner will be calling you RIGHT BACK - and over 12-hours later you HAVE YET to get the promised phone call - you are providing, yet again, BAD customer service. (Fortunately, The King is intelligent enough to realize that after 20-minutes no one is going to call and chooses NOT to stay there all night.)

Somebody should have called us back last night. Barring that, somebody should have called us FIRST THING this morning, if only to apologize for the error, and if needed, made arrangements to call back and set-up other appointments, etc, when they were finally in the office.

At this point, we are still waiting for a phone call. And a simple apology.

The finger pointing and the "tough luck" come again tomorrow, has GOT to stop. Not once, in the series of phone calls that took place last night (none of which were the promised "The Owner will call you" call), did ANY employee say the two little words "I'm sorry."


Note to companies out there - especially SMALL LOCAL COMPANIES who would like to get a bite of the "Big Box Pie" - you really, really OUGHT to focus on the customer. We're treated like crap by the "Big Box" but their prices are generally less expensive. So, if you want our business, but expect us to pay more, the one thing you can offer us is GOOD customer service.


Blogger dubby said...

I don't think a big box company would be making mistakes like these.

5:03 AM  
Blogger Lara said...

sounds like a case of the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing.

Wow, I really hope that they made some serious amends for you...and that you've even heard from them!

Nothing is worse than horrible customer service. Sigh.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Sherri said...

Isn't it funny that we are willing to shop at "big boxes" even though we know the customer service might not be great? It's because we know that at least they are open and they have better prices. As much as I would like to shop at locally owned business - I can't afford it!

7:53 AM  

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