Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finance Genius

Since our recent job-layoff, I have spent some time looking for tips to help us with our finances. It's one thing to have a budget when you have money coming in on a regular basis, but a budget just doesn't work very well when you have little or no income.

Anyway, one of the sites that I was looking at is called Finance Genius. While this site didn't contain the type of information that I was looking for, I wish I had been aware of this site when we were first married, or even before we ever purchased our first home. Finance Genius has a wealth of information about automobiles (new vs. used, insurance, and Auto Refinance), insurance (auto, home and life), and mortgages.

I was really pleased with the way that the Finance Genius website was set-up. It is easy to navigate, with an easy-to-read format. While there are ads posted on both the left and right sides of the screen, they do a good job of keeping the ads out of the text area. Also, I felt that they did a good job of keeping the explanations plain and simple. All of these things make Finance Genius a good introduction to the world of finance.


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