Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day Ideas

So, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Have you thought about how you are going to celebrate with your loved one? Are you a romantic? What plans do you have for this special day?

For me, it's all about the planning. I don't know that it really matters what gift you give, or what activities you choose to do during that day... for me, it's the thought that counts. That doesn't mean what you think it means - it just means that you actually put some thought into your "gift" before hand, rather than running to the store on your way home from work because you "have to get something". This is the person that you love that we're talking about - surely you can plan something, ANYTHING, a little bit ahead of time?

Mr. Romantic has done many wonderful things for me over the years, but the number one gift that TRULY stands out in my mind was the card that he gave me when we were dating. It said "Sometime, Someday, Somewhere, Someway..."

Consider writing a love letters to your special someone. Not many of us take the opportunity to tell those that mean the most to us, how loved they really are.

If you can't bring yourself to put your words on paper, perhaps you might consider covering the bed in rose petals.

The King and I haven't decided how we are celebrating Valentine's Day this year, but if the job situation doesn't turn around soon, I think we might have to settle for a cheap date!

Whatever you choose, remember that the important part of your celebration is each other. Sometimes, just being together is enough.


Anonymous Sherri said...

Just being together is good enough for me. I have a mystery shop to do on Thursday night at Texas Roadhouse... Cheap Date!! Good Food!! What more could a girl ask for?

2:19 PM  

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