Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Be Quiet! I'm On The Phone!

Today I was on the phone. All day.

OK, I admit it. It's not quite true. This morning I was in the car. All morning. This afternoon I was on the phone. All afternoon.

Today was exhausting.

Let's just say that my insurance company and my doctor's office have screwed up BIG TIME.

I *think* we are close to getting everything straightened out.

I now have permission not to pay them anything until I receive a new statement from them. I have been promised by THREE different people that they will waive any and all late and/or finance charges that may accrue before that blessed day arrives.

I won't go into all the details of everything that is wrong with our account because it WILL make your head hurt. Trust me. However, I will tell you this: Our insurance will not pay for flu shots unless we have a chronic disease or are over the age of 65. Since none of us have either of those problems, we need to pay $25 for each shot (a total of $100 for those of you who are math impaired). Pretty, simple right? Well, apparently the billing office is a fan of new math because here is what we are being billed:

The King - $25
The Queen - $5.36
The Princess - $0
The Dragon - $48

Now, it is very tempting to go with their calculations, because ultimately I will pay less. However, I know that they will get audited at some point and find this mistake, and I will be dealing with it when I am on my death bed. Plus, my conscious would never let me sleep again - I need to be billed (correctly and accurately) the $100, before I can return to normal life.

Save me!


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