Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Zoo

My friend Deb mentioned that her family was planning on making a trip to Hogle Zoo in July or August, so I managed to convince her that she really wanted to come in June, before our membership expired.

June 30th was the big day! They planned on being at our house between 8:30 and 9:00 and arrived shortly before 9. And, as usual, I wasn't ready.

Deb and her kids very graciously gave me the time I needed and explored our backyard while they waited for me... but finally, we were off!

I think originally we only planned on staying for a few hours, but we spent closer to 6 hours there. It was hot!

Deb's kids (Kenton and McKayslin) cracked me up. Kenton would ask his mom if he could do something, and she would nicely tell him "no." No sooner had the word "no" escaped her lips, McKayslin would pipe up and ask her Mom the EXACT SAME QUESTION. So funny!

McKayslin also made me giggle when I told her to make a wish and throw a penny into the fountain. "Know what I wished for?" she asked. "I wished for a nice Mommy!" For the record, I think Deb is VERY nice.

The Zoo is so much more fun when you have friends to explore it with!

The bird show was awesome as usual. This hawk flex just inches over our heads!

The girls loved riding the new carousel. The Princess was a little disappointed that she couldn't ride on the lion, but ultimately, both girls enjoyed riding a pair of tigers.

We watched this giraffe struggle to reach the leaves on this tree. He finally managed to stretch his neck and tongue enough to reach this tasty snack!

You can't go to the zoo without riding on the train. You just can't!

All the kiddos!


Blogger Lara said...

Fun! Deb is awesome, and my girls still have a crush on Kenton after meeting him last summer. :)

8:11 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

The zoo was a blast! I need to get MY blog entry done today! The kids are still talking about that giraffe!

One day when Lara is up - we'll all have to get together and Kenton can play with all those girls! :O)

8:01 AM  
Blogger The Katoa's said...

I have just seen you on PYP and thought I'd check out your blog. I thought I'd leave a comment instead of just lurking. You have such beautiful girls!! We were just at the zoo too and my little guy loved the same things: train, carousel and bird show!

3:56 PM  

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