Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chicago - We Are Here!

We made it to Chicago!

Our plane ride was uneventful, but difficult because three of us got placed on one row (me and the girls), and The King sat behind us. It was a very full flight.

Flying with the girls was fun. I think the passengers immediately surrounding us were rather amused with the girls. I mean, how can you not giggle when two little girls are squealing "Wheeeeeeeeee!" during take-off?

Another priceless moment was when The Princess commented "I wish we could open a window so we could grab a cloud." Um, no. I'd prefer for the windows to remain shut. We had a brief (no, the plane will explode if you do that) science lesson, and so her comment got revised to something along the lines of wishing we had a magical plane where we could roll down the windows and catch clouds without exploding.

Our hotel seems decent. All of the hotels we looked at seemed to only have rooms with two double beds. I was hoping for two queen beds. Maybe this is standard and I am just clueless. At any rate, the room appears to be decently clean, and we enjoyed a free breakfast this morning. Good thing we got there when we did, because they really do stop serving breakfast at 9:30. Not that they really serve anything, but right at 9:30 they marched in and took everything away! That didn't stop me from grabbing 4 extra muffins for later though!

We don't know what our plans are for today, yet. We'll be deciding on something shortly.


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