Wednesday, March 04, 2009

You Get What You Get...

Over the last several weeks I have visited my blog many times and started to write. And each time, something always happens so that I never finish my post. Usually something involving one of my kids, and by the time I'm done dealing with "the problem", I have no desire to finish my post. At all. So I don't even save it as a draft. I just delete it and leave... never to return. Until today.

So first of all, let's get a few things out of the way first:

Michael seems to be doing well. He keeps busy with work, of course, and somehow manages to take care of many of the things I can't seem to accomplish. He is doing a beautiful job on our basement project (we are finishing a bedroom and a bathroom), but manages to injure part of his hand or another almost every time he works on it. He has completed all of the framing (except for the entry way), the bulk of the plumbing, and a large portion of the electrical. Isn't he amazing?

Sara is counting down the days to her 9th birthday. This girl LOVES her birthday. I have no idea what to buy her this year. She does need some new clothes because she is growing like a weed, but I know that's not what she "wants" as a present. Overall, school has been going well - she competed in the school science fair, and completed a biography presentation about Pocahontas (which included Sara dressing up as Pocahontas as well!). Michael and I are a bit frustrated in that Sara seems to be struggling with math. She is really smart, but for whatever reason, it seems like she has forgotten everything she has learned. I know that seems extreme, but it took her over 2-hours to complete NINE subtraction problems. Granted, they were "large" numbers (3097658 - 1278563), but she has been doing these types of problems for over a year, not to mention she mastered her subtraction math facts in Kindergarten. I'm not sure what's going on...

Rebecca loves being in Kindergarten. She is making lots of friends and loves her teacher. She is flying through "math timings" (solve 30-problems in 2 minutes and 30-seconds), and loves to read. She is also very excited that she has recently lost her bottom 2-front teeth. Not only did she receive money from the tooth fairy (.72 and .53 cents, respectively), she also managed to get Daddy to give her .25 for each tooth that she let him pull out. Clever girl, that one. She is also very excited about having a new baby brother... which brings me to... well, ME.

As is par for the course, I am feeling rather overwhelmed. I think I have the worst kind of "nesting" because I have all the crazy, insane urges to clean every single inch of my house before the baby gets here, but I have absolutely no energy to attempt it. Currently I am obsessed with the grease spot located on the ceiling above our stove. I can't seem to just let it go. (The simplest solution would be to simply clean it and be done with it, but Michael says I'm not allowed on a ladder - which really IS good advice, not only because I am pregnant but because ladders really freak me out. Yeah, I'm scared of freakin' ladders. Now stop teasing me!) Anyway, the situation is annoying.

For the record, I am 31-weeks and 1-day today. By the looks of my belly, baby seems to be growing just fine. Part of the reason I am overwhelmed is because of this:

Only 62 days left! ACK!

So, there's only one thing left to do, IMO. Make a list. I know you don't like 'em, because they are probably the most boring blog posts ever, but they make me feel better.

Let's start with a glance at the calendar. I didn't bother to post my co-oping time at the girls school (3.5 hours each week), Piano Lessons (with travel time, 1.5 hours each week), or Ballet Lessons (roughly 3 hours each week, with travel time).

Here we go:
March 4: Find baby sitter for Rebecca so we can go on Hospital Tour
March 4: Go on Hospital Tour
March 7: Help with Ward Conference Dinner (Ugh...)
March 12: OB Appointment (Maybe my c-section will get scheduled!)
March 12: Disney on Ice
March 13: Diabetes Appointment
March 13: Take Sara to Emily's Birthday Party
March 16: Possible Visit from a favorite visitor from Virginia
March 20: Michael & Karen's 11th Wedding Anniversary
March 21: Baby Shower
March 26: Sonogram
March 28: Baby Shower
March 30: Sara's Birthday (which I haven't even begun shopping for)
April 3: Sara's Birthday Party (most likely a sleepover)
April 12: Easter
April 13-17: Spring Break
April 20: Dad's Birthday
April 28: Possible C-Section Date (If not today, sometime this week!)
May 4: Michael's Birthday
May 5: Baby's Due Date (should be delivered this day, if he's not here already!)
May 15-16: Sara and Rebecca's Dance Recitals

And now, because I need to drive the kids to school again (because Sara can't seem to finish her homework the day before... *sigh*), I will have to try and come back later, to start with my list of things to do. Joys.


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