Friday, April 07, 2006

The Rains Came Down...

... And the floods came up.

Thursday, April 6, 2006. It rained today. It snowed too. It also slushed. A lot. So much in fact, that all the water in the world (ok, that's an exaggeration) found its way down a tiny little crack that led to a window well. The water slowly filled the window well. The window got upset and began to leak. I'll let you in on a little secret: windows are not supposed to leak. Water started pouring into our bedroom. No one was in the bedroom to notice it.

A little while later (3 minutes? 10 minutes? An hour?) I wandered into the bedroom and thought to myself, wow, it must be raining hard. It SOUNDS like it is raining hard. In fact, it sounds a little bit like a waterfall. I glance over towards the window and notice that it is indeed a waterfall. I watch in horror as water cascades off of the window sill, down the wall, and drips rapidly off of a multitude of wires that belong to our 4 computers. The water is busily dripping onto various surge protectors and back-up systems. I think I should panic. I don't. At least, not exactly. I do call King Isepik and explain that I need him to tell me right NOW how to turn off all of the computers (we have a server, so I needed to make sure that I didn't damage anything in the process). He does, and I do. One problem solved.

I don't think that I'll go into a very detailed explanation (HA, HA, HA, Isepik!), because I don't think I really know exactly what happened next. But here is what I do know:

I know that many, many towels were used in an attempt to mop up the waterfall. I also know that it is not easy to mop up a waterfall when the source of the waterfall is still full.

I know that Isepik eventually came home (early) and had to use a bucket to bail out the window well. This ended the waterfall.

I know that I carried lots and lots of stuff out of the room. I know that brother D and wife H came over to help get the big and heavy items out of the room.

I know the room smells like mildew. I know that we pulled up the carpet and pad as best as we could to assist in the drying proccess. I know that there are two fans running 24/7, and we open the windows during the day to help air out the place and dry out the carpets.

I know that I want everything cleaned up so that we can move back into our "house" before my parents come back on Saturday, April 15.

I also know that by no small miracle, all of our electronic equipment survived. Don't ask me how, it's the one thing I don't know.

Oh yeah, did you know that King Isepik can walk on water?


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