Friday, May 19, 2006

Things To Do

When you have lots and lots and lots of things that you could be doing, do you ever just sit and do nothing? I do.

I must say that today I have been fairly productive though which is good. Mostly I have been making a lot of phone calls and waiting for phone calls to be returned, but I have also been picking up a little bit and doing laundry. So this is good.

My list of things to do includes:

1. Tell Katie that Mrs. Z (Princess' teacher) wouldn't mind some extra help in the classroom over the next two weeks if parents are willing to volunteer. Completely understandable since she (the teacher) has a broken arm and a broken collar bone.

2. Get in touch with David so that I have the signed and dated Addendum to the contract.

3. Get in touch with David to work out the contract for the AC and other monies.

4. Get in touch with David to remind him that his disclosures were due to us yesterday. This is completely in our favor though so if he doesn't do it, he can only blame himself later on.

5. Get in touch with David to see if he knows the room measurements for 2 rooms in the house which I completely forgot to measure yesterday.

6. Go through the pile of paper on the desk.

7. Do 2 more loads of laundry.

8. Work up a plan to get some things fixed based on the Home Inspection. Particularly the sprinkler system and the smallish drainage problem on the west side of the house.

9. Draw up the "plan" for the new playhouse for the girls. The King and I discussed what we want it to be like last night, and I think it's gonna be 'way cool' if we can actually afford it. I mentioned it briefly to the girls but they want to know what's wrong with their old sandbox (it's too small, the two of them don't fit and it's worse if another friend wants to play too), and why they can't keep the old swingset (it's too rickety for the swinging demons that they are!). The new one has a huge sandbox (either 5'x5' or 6'x6'), 3 swings (room for a friend or two regular swings and a "special" swing), a fort (above the sandbox, 8'x8' I think) that they can climb to with a ladder/steps and/or a rock-climbing wall, a slide, and a small kitchen/house/store area on the bottom level near the sandbox. We will probably also add a steering wheel up in the fort part so it can be a ship or ??? and the fort will also be covered with some kind of vinyl material. We are really excited to build this thing!

10. Cook dinner. BLAH.

11. Buy butterfly stuff for The Pink Princess' room.

12. Pick out paint colors for The Pink Princess' room.

13. Pick out paint colors for The Purple Dragon's room.

14. Pick out a washing machine and a dryer and come to terms with the price.

15. Pick out a nice patio set!

Ok, there is probably a lot more, but you get the idea. I also should really get going on it because the kids are begging to go to Lagoon again tomorrow. I think it would be fun, but I'm definitely going to have to plan for it, otherwise we'll get sidetracked and never make it there.

So. I guess I should get to it then. *sigh*


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