Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What I've Been Up To...

Well, I haven't posted much lately because I've been really busy trying to get credit reports cleared up, health insurance forms filled out, mortgage papers signed, and all of the other regular stuff that we all have to deal with.

The status is as follows:

Credit Reports: Things are looking up. One change has been made, another change is supposed to be made, and a letter is supposedly in the mail which will hopefully resolve the remaining problems. The original problem is definitely our fault and we take full responsibility for our actions and the results thereof, even if it was an event that was mostly beyond our control. But geesh, you would think that things could be reported correctly the first time. How hard can it be? Really!

Health Insurance: The forms are in, they are being looked at, processed, whatever. The insurance will be retroactive, so it's not a problem per say... I just want to know for sure one way or the other about who is covered, who isn't, and what is covered, and what isn't -- pre-existing conditions or waiting periods, etc. It's out of my control at the moment though, so all I can do is wait. At least I know we will have SOME coverage by the time everything is finally processed.

Mortgage Papers: The forms were sent to us last Friday, and the plan was to mail them back on Saturday. But we didn't. I was way stressed about our credit reports and didn't know if we wanted to risk having our credit checked right now. So I debated and we waited. Then on Monday night we decided we really should send them in. So we signed the papers. They were to be mailed on Tuesday and King Isepik was going to do that from work. But then Tuesday morning I decided I better review them one more time so I told The King that I would mail them. But I didn't. Instead I decided to drive to Springville (past Provo) and hand deliver them. So I did. And it paid off. We got pre-approved (by a computer, at least), for a mortgage. Wow. I'm still in shock and I think I am waiting for someone to say, "Oh... sorry. We made a mistake..." But that is highly unlikely. So yeah, we get to house hunt now.

House Hunting: There was a house listed that we had been watching for a couple of weeks. We had driven by it, but had not been inside. We got to see it last night, and now we know why it hasn't sold. The outside of the house is great, the backyard is huge, it's in our price range, the neighborhood is fairly nice, a little girl in The Pink Princess' class lives right down the street -- 4 houses away in fact. BUT, the inside is seriously messed up. I don't even know how to explain it... it's not bad paint or carpet, it's just messed up. It's a tri-level home, kind-of a modified split-level home, and typically there is a family room that is off of the kitchen that is half a flight down from it. Well, this family blocked that whole room off to make another bedroom... and it resulted in a very twisty small hallway that you have to wend your way through to get to the actual basement. And the basement! When you walk down the stairs you are hit with a wall... I can't explain it... it's WEIRD. And the bedrooms are really really really tiny -- the master bedroom is the size of the smallest bedroom in my Mom's house. It's sad, really.

There's another home in the neighborhood that was the model home when the neighborhood was built about 5 years ago. It looks quite lovely, and it has more square footage, though I'm not sure of the size of the yard. However, it cost about 34K more than we have. Ugh.

I am completely overwhelmed with the idea of home-buying and what it entails, and completely underwhelmed by the homes I have found so far. Blah.

However, we are going to continue looking and have faith that we will find the right home for us. Everything takes time, I know this, and everything has worked out so far, why not this too?


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