Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Random Thoughts

I play the piano. Fairly well, I might add and that is probably being modest. So someone from church calls tonight and wants to speak to my Mom. Tough beans, she's out of town. The person proceeds to panic because who else in the world would possibly be able to play the piano on Sunday. I say nothing and wait as this person knows very well that I play the piano. She finally asks me if I would consider it. Of course I will, might I look at the music? She then decides it's too hard for me, so never mind. OK, whatever! Do I really care? No. Am I upset about it? Kind-of. Why? Not sure. Maybe it's just because she decided I won't be able to do it without giving me a chance. Thanks a lot.

I made my bed today. Yes, I know that sounds completely stupid. Here's the thing: for the last 8 months our bed has been pushed up against a wall. Do you realize how hard it is to make a bed that is wedged between a wall and a dresser? Extremely. So our bed was rarely made. But since our basement got flooded, we rearranged a little bit (still in process), and our bed is no longer against the wall. And I made it. And it was EASY. And it made me smile.

The Pink Princess had to go to the dentist today. It was a follow up from a free program we got to participate in because we didn't have insurance. This dentists ONLY works with children. He was totally awesome, his office was so cool, and The Pink Princess had a pretty great time. We were referred to him so that he could put sealants on her teeth... for free! Today was just an exam to make sure that no other work needed to be done, and we go back on Monday for the sealants. Yahoo!

And speaking of insurance, we finally have it! Right now we are only on a "emergency" plan - that's what I call it anyway, but it will cover us in case of car accidents or other horrendous things. This policy is only for 30 days. King Isepik's company is sort-of letting us get insurance a month early. See, we had this 60 day waiting period and since The King started work on March 3, we weren't supposed to get insurance until June 1 (60 days starting from April 1 - the first day of a full month). However, they must really like him, because they are letting him use a start day of March 1st. They figure since they hired him on that day (this is true), the count should start from that day. AWESOME. So we will have insurance through the company starting on May 1st. I'm very excited about this.

The Pink Princess continues to do well in school. She recently passed off her -10s and is now doing reviews. She has 6-8 review sheets, and then she starts on multiplication. She thinks that will be fun because she already knows all her zeros and 1s! Ha ha! We had to sign a letter of intent today that basically asked if we were planning on staying in the program or not. I said that yes, we were.

We continue to dream of a house, and I am becoming more and more frustrated as it seems that the prices are only continuing to rise rather than fall. I still continue to believe that this will all work out, I need only be patient, but I am really struggling with this. One of our concerns is keeping The Princess in her school. I know that she will adjust at other schools, but it seems that other school districts simply don't have the programs available that SLC school district has. I thought that maybe it was all in my head, and that maybe I was partial to SLC school district for no really good reason, so I decided to call Granite School District to get the real scoop on their Gifted and Talented program. What I found out is that they have no program until the kids reach 3rd grade! They would test her (or perhaps, in our situation, skip the testing) and possibly place her in an "Advanced Reader" class. This would be good, of course, but nowhere near what she is getting now. A very large portion of the valley is in Granite School District (much larger than SLC), so when we do move, there is a very good chance that we could end up in their district. So this is a big deal. What to do, what to do? I know it will work out... somehow.

The Purple Dragon is a lot smarter than I give her credit for. You've got to pull those thoughts out of her head, but they are there, and she is bright. I am being reminded more and more every day of how completely different my children are. I never thought less of The Dragon, but I also never really thought she was as smart as The Princess -- she was just "normal" or "average." Which was fine. I was ok with that. But I'm seeing now that there is a lot more to her than I originally thought. Dare I say that she might actually be brighter than The Princess? I am not trying to compare my kids -- I don't want to do that. But it sure is interesting to see how they develop... and The Dragon has a wealth of information stored inside that head of hers... but she is not willing to show it. I am inclined to think that she has an affinity towards numbers.

Funny moment on Monday. I went to pick up The Dragon from preschool and got there as they were serving snack. Rainbow Goldfish - yum! So all the kids start gobbling down their fishies except for The Dragon. She is very busy sorting them into colors. Once she has done that, she starts eating - NOT! She now must count them. Her teachers are stunned. I just sit there and grin. To top it all off, she not only counts them, but as she begins to eat them she babbles "I have 5 red goldfish, but I am eating one. Now I only have 4 red goldfish!" And so on...

My Dad is having a cleaning lady come to the house tomorrow. I am really dreading this. What am I supposed to do while she cleans? I think it's weird.


Blogger dubby said...

Ouch! So you think someone who doesn't have a lot of faith in your abilities has told this woman that you don't play piano well? Gotta hurt. You are a fantastic piano player. One of the best I know.

Rebecca is mine, remember? I am allowed to have favorites.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Isepik said...

I think you meant affinity, but that's just picking a nit on my part. :) Just trying to live up to my job description.

12:42 AM  

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