Sunday, June 18, 2006

Guess What!

I found the dish cloths and dish towels!

No luck with the knives. :(

As far as everything else? We have too much stuff. Period.

Other stuff I want to remember:

- The Pink Princess made her bed all by herself.
- The Pink Princess made a 'reading spot' in her room.
- The Purple Dragon likes to call flamingos 'falingos'.
- They both seem to like their rooms very much as they spend a lot of time in them.
- Three little neighborhood boys are going to be in big trouble if they don't stop ringing our doorbell every day, all day.
- When I get upset and worry if we made the right choice about moving into this house (yes, Isepik, I worry too much), all I need to do is go and look at our two little girls happily asleep in their new bedrooms and I know that all is right.


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