Thursday, November 30, 2006


Fever in the morning,
Fever all through the night...

The Purple Dragon woke up crying at about 9:30 last night. She was on fire. The digital ear thermometer read, I kid you not, 105.7. The other ear said 104.4. A better number, for sure, but enough to make me panic. We've been monitoring her all night, and the lowest we've been able to get her temperature to go is 102.3 using Tylenol, Motrin, and washcloths to cool her off. She's sleeping in her underwear, with only a sheet to cover-up.

We made a call to her doctor who seemed to think that we wouldn't need to take her in until this morning (when the office opens) which I agree with and disagree with. The high fever makes me worry, but our only option for 'service' was to go to the hospital or one of those 24-hour urgent care type places. It wouldn't be our doctor we would be seeing, or even anyone affiliated with the practice (unless she was actually admitted to the hospital), and my experience in the past has been that they tend to brush you off and not really help matters any. So we didn't go. Her doctor will be available in an hour.

I, of course, am hoping it's 'nothing' -- but 'something' must be causing a fever that high. If she had a fever of 102 with no other symptoms, I wouldn't worry so much. This is different.


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