Saturday, November 25, 2006


Ok, my mind is racing and I can't seem to slow it down enough to think, so I am simply posting to try and keep my blog fairly updated, but I have all these things that I want to do and some things that I need to do and they are all so much fun and exciting and cute and nifty and crafty and and and and and and I simply must go and do some of these projects before I explode!

I also have many things to tell you like about how our Thanksgiving went and my adventures on Black Friday and what we did today and what showed up at our house today and what I made Michael do today because I love him and other important and non-important stuff like that.

But I can't because I'm going to explode unless I go and do something fun and exciting and cute and nifty and crafty. Ok? Ok.

Good-bye. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

....uhhhhhhh.... wow.

4:09 AM  
Blogger dubby said...


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