Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm Still Here... Just Don't Look At The Time!

Ok, so I've disappeared for over a week or something like that. I've been having a pity party of sorts just because my wee brain cannot seem to find anything that is worthy to write about. I figure you deserve some kind of an update though, so I am here for a few minutes before I stumble off to bed.

First, the up-to-the-minute news: It hurts to type because my fingers are frozen (it's very very cold in the basement).

The Purple Dragon is still her fairly happy self, but she seems to be dealing with a touch of the stomach flu. No, she's not spurting fire (or anything else, thank heavens!), but she doesn't want to eat much, and there's lots of liquid slush coming out of her behind. Fun, fun. She's on 'vacation' from preschool until after Thanksgiving.

The Pink Princess is still her fairly moody self, but we love her anyway. She seems to enjoy school for the most part, and is doing very well, but she despises any kind of work. Period.

King Isepik is relatively happy, I think. He mentioned on his blog that he got a raise and a promotion, and we were (key word = were) very happy about it. Then the President of the Company informed The King that the Owner nixed almost all of the raise. Now, we're happy that there is still a raise involved, but frankly, I'm annoyed that one person would say "your raise is going to be this much" only to nix it almost TWO WEEKS later. It's just a crummy thing to do. You'd have to ask The King about his opinions on the situation, but I think they are fairly in line with my feelings.

HUSH HUSH! I've got a secret to tell you. In light of the recent promotion (before we found out about the salary decrease) we purchased a Disneyland Vacation! We're leaving December 26 and returning January 1. The Princess and The Dragon are blissfully unaware of the impending excitement, so please don't tell them. (Like any of you talk to them anyway... but still!) We hope to have fun with the other bajillion people who will be joining us at 'The Happiest Place On Earth.'

What else, what else... oh yes! On Tuesday morning I woke up with a killer sinus infection with the mother of all headaches to go along with it. Ouch. I took pain meds, of course, then took The Purple Dragon to preschool where I had to co-op and my headache was serenaded with the screeching of a 3-year-old banshee for almost the entire THREE HOURS. More meds did not help. More meds after that did not help. Chocolate did not help. A trip to the moon did not help. But finally, after more than 24 hours of pure agony, I was released from my prison and the headache was gone. Bliss.

The King and I saw "The Man Of La Mancha" on Wednesday night. It was much better than I thought it would be, but I'm not sure it's one of my favorites. The actors were very good though, and some of the music was fun. I already knew "The Impossible Dream" but the rest of the songs were new to me. My Mom claims that she played this record a lot when I was little, but I must've been VERY little, or she's remembering wrong. I do remember all the Peter, Paul & Mary records she used to play, in addition to the soundtrack of "Fiddler On The Roof" (TRADITION!).

Since I can't think anymore, and since I have to get up in THREE AND A HALF HOURS - this will be painful - I am going to go to bed.

Good night! Or good morning. You choose.


Anonymous gorillabuns said...

that is pretty crappy about the raise. can they actually do that? i'd be asking on what grounds can you give and then take away money....

as for disney world, i have one word for you, XANAX. though, i'm sure your children are far more behaved than mine, the trip just about killed me.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were actually "game" for "a trip to the moon." You GO! Heh.

9:22 AM  

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