Friday, November 17, 2006

Defrosting and Icicles

Yesterday I realized a bit too late that I forgot to thaw the chicken for dinner. I don't particularly like using the microwave for defrosting because sometimes the edges of the chicken start to cook, and it's simply not very good by the time you finally get around to eating it. This problem was going to require some creativity if I was determined to still have chicken to dinner. No worries, I have concocted a new way to defrost chicken! It only takes a couple of hours, and none of the chicken 'cooks' AND it still remains cold enough that you can convince yourself that it's still OK to eat (you know, no worries about weird bacteria growing, etc). Are you ready for my completely whacked solution? I put the chicken on a plate and wrapped it in Saran Wrap like I would to defrost it the normal way. But then, I placed the entire thing on top of one of our heater vents. Genius! I rotated the chicken about once an hour, and it thawed to perfection. Normal? No. But it worked.

Last night after I went to bed, I curled myself up on my side of the bed being very careful not to touch King Isepik because I didn't want to wake him with my frozen self. He woke up anyway, and wanted to snuggle, so he told me to 'come here.' Since I'm so obedient (ha ha ha), I immediately cuddled up and proceeded to stick my feet on The King's leg. The King yelped. And hollered. And wimpered. And begged me to remove my icicle toes from his leg. I complied. But it was funny. So I touched him again. The scene repeated itself. Again. And again. And I couldn't stop because it was soooo funny. (It was probably even funnier to me because I was delirious with exhaustion). But The King was miserable and so I got out of bed and threw a sweatshirt on over what I was already wearing, and found a pair of socks. I proceeded to put my feet back on his legs, but he yelped again. I was surprised that he had the same reaction even though I had socks on. But no, new problem. Apparently a portion of my legs were uncovered and they were PRICKLY icicles. The forest needs to be cut down. :)

I really wasn't intending to torture The King. Honest!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the REASON I was up till all hours of the night and frozen. Blame Oh The Joys (gosh, she's getting a lot of linkbacks from me lately), for pointing me to this game. It's evil. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It IS evil!!! I haven't gotten past sorta evolved Jelly Fish and I am wasting so much time on that. Arg.

2:45 PM  

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