Monday, November 20, 2006

The King Is Chatty Tonight!

I spent the evening at the store futilely trying to purchase things for Thanksgiving. Like a turkey baster. They were sold out. I guess I'll try a different store tomorrow. Or maybe we'll just borrow one from somebody - I'm guessing my Grandpa has one.

Anyway, I finally get home and I hear King Isepik talking on the phone to someone about British English. I am confused. Who would Isepik be talking to about British English? Oh! Wait! I know... Cathryn. And I was right.

Cathryn says she can't join us for Thanksgiving Dinner because she just got invited somewhere else yesterday. She'll be spending it with the Bishopric. I am sure she will have a very nice time, but I think she should come party with us anyway. :)

I need to start calling The King on the phone. He is apparently very talkative when he is on the phone... at least when he's talking to Cathryn! LOL.

I could write lots more things about what Cathryn and Isepik are talking about but I'm not going to in case Cathryn does make it here for Thanksgiving. I only want her to say nice things about us!!! She's very observant, so I think it's dangerous to invite her to visit us... who knows what evils she may discover about my family.

Ok, that's it. Today was boring and I accomplished very little. My fingers are also frozen so it is very difficult to type. Now I am going to go attempt to make The King yelp by placing my frozen fingers somewhere on him. Cover your ears Cathryn!

Good night all!


Blogger Isepik said...

The yelping didn't happen, but only because I had a phone to my ear. You are EVIL! :)

12:06 AM  

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