Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Great Wall...

...of 2000 Bloggers.

This is very cool, and hopefully I will make the cut (meaning I was one of the first 2000 people to respond) and will be added to this blog.

Today I did some more decluttering and organizing. I also sluffed church. Oops. I also went to Costco. More oopses... you know the whole commandment about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Tomorrow is a whole new day with no mistakes in it. (Just wait til' I get to it!)

We are going to watch Ice Age: The Meltdown tonight as a family. I am excited for a little bit of family time... even if all we do is snuggle together on the couch as one large mashed couch potato family.

Dinner is waiting for me (chicken, mashed potatoes and greenbeans), so I must go now.

Have a good night everybody!


Blogger Gail said...

I added my name to the comments! I hope I got in in time :)

3:41 PM  

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