Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wonders of Wonders...

Miracles of Miracles... I am posting almost only because this makes day FOUR of posting in a row. I'm on a roll, and well, it would be good to keep it going.

The Princess' birthday party is tomorrow (her actual birthday isn't until next week). I am busy with the party preparations - including cleaning my house. Everyone knows I hate that part... but it must be done.

The Princess is very excited, as is The Dragon who wishes that it was her birthday. This party has been driving me nuts because it simply hasn't come together in my head as easily as other parties. I'm not saying that the other parties were easy - I have a lot of fun and some people might say that I go overboard, or that they are extravagant. The King would probably use some other choice words to describe them - though I'm pretty sure that he is secretly pleased with the success of the parties. He likes to watch the girls have fun, and that is the one thing that these parties do accomplish. Anyway, things are finally starting to come together and I daresay that I believe this party will also be a success.

I'm making a test cake today (minus all the decorations) because I am using a recipe I have never used before, and I want to make sure it works. I have had cake disasters before (including baking another cake at the last minute because the first one fell apart), and I'm really not in the mood to deal with that. I would rather spend the time, money, and energy NOW then be stressed out later. I'll be stressed enough trying to decorate it!

Most of the decorations for the party are going up today, minus any balloons. The house is starting to look really cute. I think The Princess will be really excited when she gets home from school. We hung up some shiny spiral things last night, and when she woke up this morning, the only words out of her mouth were "Oh my... Oh my. Oh my." It was quite amusing.

Well, I've got laundry to wash and a bathroom to clean, so that's all for now. With luck, I'll have enough energy tomorrow to post the pictures from the party!


Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

I hope it all goes well! Happy Birthday to your Princess!

11:55 AM  

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