Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Famous Karana Gets Free Ice Cream In A Snow Storm

I hate to tell you this, but Ben & Jerry's FREE Ice Cream Day is over. If I had been more on the ball and not so focused on those silly taxes, I might've actually written about it BEFORE it occurred.

It's true, though. At select locations across the country, Ben & Jerry's was giving away free ice cream cones to anyone who walked in their door from Noon until 8 PM.

We (well, some of us) went twice. It was delicious. I had Phish Food the first time, and Turtle Soup the second time. Phish Food was fantastic. Turtle Soup was good, but... it was just good. Wouldn't mind having it again, but not my favorite. I ordered it last year too, and remember that vague feeling of disappointment. Hopefully I'll remember NOT to order it again NEXT year. The Princess came with me one time to get ice cream and she chose Chocolate Fudge Brownie. The Dragon came with me twice, and wanted "plain old chocolate with NO hard stuff in a cone please." The King ordered Butter Pecan -- not a bad choice, but I would've been surprised if he had chosen anything else. I must be psychic. :)

It was an enjoyable, warm day. I'm glad we got out because guess what the weather man says may happen tomorrow afternoon... SNOW. Yep. As much as I love snow, I am SO ready for spring. Especially because we just planted a bunch of stuff in the yard YESTERDAY. And now it wants to snow. Great.

OH! Guess what I just discovered! Someone actually linked to my blog referencing something that I wrote about taxes! I know that many of you have linked to my blog, but the ones I am aware of are more of a 'visit my friend' type of link... which I truly appreciate. But now I almost feel famous! This blog post talks about what people are really doing with their tax refund. I am the wife who "says her husband is buying her a new laptop computer."

The only thing is that I can't decide if the post has good or bad connotations. Probably neither in all reality -- it just IS. But here's where my ever-worry-guilt conscious mind kicks in: I now feel like I have to justify WHY I am getting a new laptop. My computer is about 7 years old. For some people, that would be a very good excuse. For others, they might say to continue to use it until it is completely broken. The King says I need a new computer. Period. I think he is tired of me freaking out every time it crashes - and always at the most critical moment.

This laptop idea is his. He probably has no idea why it has been such a hard-sell for him to make. I mean, really, who would turn down a new laptop computer? I told him earlier today (BEFORE I knew about the above-mentioned post) that I felt guilty about spending our refund on 'me' when it could be used for something for the entire family. He insists that this piece of equipment IS for the entire family. I think he believes that my peace of mind is well worth the price of a laptop. Plus, I can take it places when I am busy shuttling and waiting for kids at various places throughout the day. A huge bonus, IMO. Plus, he has a friend who may be able to wrangle us a really good deal which will leave us with refund money leftover. That money will be used to pay off a small interest free debt at The Home Depot sooner, rather than later. And anything else that's left will go into savings for a future home project. So maybe we're a little bit like the 'poll' mentioned in the post after all.

Anyway... right or wrong, apparently I AM getting a laptop. The King says so.

Good night!


Blogger dubby said...

Cheers for the King! All Hail the King! Yes, you DO deserve a laptop!

9:02 AM  
Blogger King Isepik said...

It's simple folks, if the queen isn't happy, nobody's happy. :) It's not a good thing to have the queen pissed off about her computer constantly and besides, she needs to get out of the basement!

Also, as a side effect, I can start planning MY new computer once hers is purchased. :)

I'm an IT guy and I'm using very old equipment. NOT GOOD!

10:25 AM  
Blogger dubby said...

I can't believe you are undermining my authority! Just wait until the Dragon and Princess are older and you tell them they can't get serious about ANYONE named Isepik and I tell them to go ahead anyway! Mwa ha ha to YOU!

6:51 PM  
Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

Another year WASTED! Heh.

6:43 AM  

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