Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Tomorrow, Utah, well, Draper to be precise, will have an IKEA. Everyone is going nuts. I love IKEA - it's a fun place to shop, and you can get a lot of awesome stuff for a very little amount of money. Of course, they have a lot of stuff that I can't afford, but still. Kids meals for 99-cents! Awesome cinnamon rolls! Cool picture frames! Candles! Lots-o-stuff.

Anyway, everyone is going a little bit crazy around here. The radio said that local police have been planning road routes for 9-months. 9 months? Good grief.

The radio also said that people have been camping out - a full 24 hours (plus?!?) before the grand opening.

OK. I love IKEA, but that's just ridiculous. As for us, we'll go in a week or two.



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