Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I just have one question for you: Who am I Where am I and Who are these Kids? That was one question, right?

We have been so busy! It's been a lot of fun, but sometimes I think I forget which way is up. Or down.

Sunday was a quiet day. I was lazy and didn't go to church. Neither did The Dragon. The Princess went with a friend. We had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's. Nothing else really took place that day - and that's OK.

On Monday, we had a very brief session of "Mom's School" and then we took off for the library for The Princess' dance class. Yes, that's right, her dance class is at the library. Salt Lake City has a program for kids, that offers a variety of 6-week classes throughout the year for free, or at most $10. It's nothing fancy, but it IS fun, and the kids DO learn new skills. So we go dancing at the library. What do you do at your library? Read? ;)

At dance, we discovered that one of her classmates had signed up for the same class - they were thrilled to see each other. As a bonus, this classmate has a little sister who is the same age as The Dragon, and we discovered that both of them were signed up for the same dance class too - on Tuesdays though. Oh, the ironies!

The Princess loved her dance class. They have a "boy" teacher which The Dragon thinks is hysterical because "boys don't dance!" They each made up a 'move' to represent their name, and put on quite a show. It was lots of fun to watch, and The Princess said she had lots of fun dancing.

After that, we headed to one of the local elementary school to partake of their free lunch program. Any child, ages 18 and under, can eat there for free... all summer long. Some meals are better than others, but my kids think it's a fun treat. They really love the chocolate milk.

We traveled home, at which point I made the kids do their piano practicing with the promise of letting them play in the wading pool afterwards. Practicing was a breeze, and they spent the next 3+ hours turning our backyard into a mud pit. To say they had a great time would be an understatement.

The King came home and BBQ'd pork chops for us. Yummy! He's a really good cook.

That evening I went to the grocery store and bought 15 boxes of cereal (primarily Chex and Total), plus two gallons of milk, and got two more coupons that were each good for a free gallon of milk on my next visit, and spent only $15.55. Yahoo! I love a good deal.

Today was a little bit crazier. Heck, a lot crazier.

Up at 8 am. Started getting the girls ready for the day. Grandma calls, she had a piano lesson cancellation so we are welcome to come and take the empty spots. Perfect, except we'd have to be there by 9 so The Dragon could have her lesson before preschool. Made it to her house by 10 after 9, The Dragon had a very short lesson, and I rushed her to preschool at 9:30. Back to Grandma's so that The Princess could have her piano lesson. Then The Princess and I did her math assignments. As soon as she finished, we rushed out the door to pick up The Dragon 20 minutes early from preschool so she could go to her first dance class. Made it to the dance class 5 minutes early, where The Dragon was reunited with her friend from the previous day, and they had a fantastic time twirling all over the gym. We're a spontaneous kind of family, so after that, we decided to have a play date with our friends, and headed to their house for lunch and fun. About two hours later, we were on our way home, where the girls (exhausted beyond belief) started to fight, but protested loudly when I suggested "quiet time." The Dragon proceeded to scream as she walked in the house, went upstairs to use the bathroom, gather up her blanket, walk back downstairs, and as soon as her head hit the couch - SILENCE. She had passed out. In the meantime, I had called The King to see if he was interested in attending a free concert tonight. He was. So we made plans for that, but that wasn't going to be for another 5 hours or so... what to do, what to do. The phone rang. My neighbor wanted to know if my kids wanted to go swimming. I explained the situation, and we decided that it would be much easier if all of her kids came over here and we let them play in the wading pool again. So they did. And it was crazy and fun and wet and cold and we discovered that there was a wasp nest in the outdoor toy container. LOVELY! So we killed it. Then The King came home and we cleaned up the yard and our friends went home and I actually cooked some food (if Hamburger Helper qualifies as food) and we ate the food, and then we sat around and digested our food for about 20 minutes until it was time to get in the car and go to the concert which was really really awesome (more details in a minute). After the concert, we came home, put the kids in bed, and I started typing up this very long adventure. Did you get dizzy or confused reading about our day? You did? GOOD! Now you know how I feel!

OK, so you at least deserve the details about the concert that we attended. It was an a capella group named Tminus5, and they were awesome. It was such a fun concert, the girls were laughing and giggling, I was rockin' to the beat, and The King was busy tip-tapping his toes. It was held at a park, the weather was beautiful, we sat on a blanket (well, The King sat on a chair), and everyone had a great time.

And now, all I want to do is go to bed!



Blogger Gail said...

wow. I'm quite tired now and will have to go to bed. You sure do lead a busy life :)

12:35 AM  
Blogger dubby said...

In answer to the question at the top, you are a figment of your imagination and the kids are MINE. Send them back to Virginia where I can love on them and spoil them! You can keep Michael and feed him chicken dinners every night as long as I get geek privileges with him.

6:41 AM  
Blogger King Isepik said...

Hear that? She says you should give me chicken every night...

10:11 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Holy catfish - you had a crazy busy couple of days! No wonder you can't remember who you are! :O)

Sure sounds fun though, and I'm quite jealous that all we get to do at our library is read!!!

8:49 AM  
Blogger Lara said...

Good for you though! So far our summer has been rather lazy, but I'm liking it that way since everything was so crazy before.

I do need to think of more fun activities for the kids...the library'd be good. :)

11:32 PM  
Blogger Gail said...

How's Mommy School going? Still successful? :)

9:08 AM  

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