Thursday, November 08, 2007


[Remember my post from last night? You don't? Oh, that's right! It never posted. You know why? It's because I was SOOOO tired, I ended up hitting the "Save Now" button instead of the "Publish Post" button. Oh Bother. So, I'm posting this, and then I'll go in to my saved post from last night and post that one too. By the way, as an update to my post, you should know that I never even finished the laundry. I made The King do it. THAT, my friends, is how tired I was.]

When we initially purchased "Cassie" (my laptop), The King and I were convinced that it was a good thing. It would be nice to get me out of the dark and dreary basement, it would be nice to have a computer that I can take places with me, it would be nice just to have a computer that works!

Now I think it would just be nice to have a computer that wasn't attached to me. Seriously.

Unfortunately, a lot of my business is on my computer, so even if I sit down just to "work" I end up doing a lot of other things that aren't related. Also, because it's so convenient, I can now check my e-mail 50 times a day instead of only 10.

You see the problem? Any solutions?


Blogger dubby said...

I have a similar problem. Since I built my office just off the kitchen, the computer is a magnet that has me sitting at it 24/7. I gotta stop this!

Then in the kitchen, I have my laptop, the old laptop I need to clean and give away, and the computer of the week I am working on. Downstairs, four computers in my computer fixit center. Dianna has her computer and laptop in her room. David has his new laptop in the living room and is glued to his lazy boy with his laptop glued on his lap. He comes to bed late at night, because he is so busy working nonstop on the laptop.

I think we have a problem. And we KNOW the solution, don't we. Okay, I'll go, um, do something else. Maybe...

7:31 AM  

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