Sunday, November 04, 2007

Day Four of Posting

OK, my rules are not being followed again. My neighbor who covers their entire lawn with every kind of inflatable decoration ever imaginable for Halloween (if you think lawn gnomes or plastic deer are tacky, you ain't seen nothin' yet!), has COMPLETELY IGNORED my rules. The Halloween decorations are gone, but instead of pulling out the giant inflatable turkey, Indians and Pilgrims, their lawn is now covered in Christmas inflatables. For the last time, NO CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UNTIL THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING.

Moving on...

How about a "George" update? Last Tuesday he was neutered and dewormed and vaccinated and we discovered that he did indeed have a bladder infection. He is on medication for the bladder infection, and I think we are seeing some improvement in the "peeing everywhere" department. He has also learned, for the most part, not to use his claws when playing with us. Now if he could only learn the "no biting" lesson. Any ideas?

In Utah, the "discussion" is all about school vouchers. We finally get to vote on Tuesday. I am against vouchers for a variety of reasons. While I hope that the final outcome will reflect the way I am planning on voting, I think that I will be relieved when it is over. It's getting old.

The Princess says that a little kid would probably think that "exit" is spelled "eggsit". The Dragon says that the opposite of "fence" is "no fence."

The local news wonders "Why Bill Clinton, our former President, was visiting Utah?" I think they should be asking "Why were so many people lined up to see Bill Clinton visiting Utah?" I guess I'm just not a fan.

Despite the extra hour of sleep that was granted to me this morning, I am still tired. Good night!


Blogger Lara said...

I'll be voting for the vouchers, although I'm quite sure that it still won't pass. :) Unfortunate for me, but good for you. :)

And I am so with you about the tacky blow up decorations. I hate them. I can forgive the Christmas before Thanksgiving, but personally choose to have my Harvest decorations up right now. Otherwise, when would I ever use them? They don't match very well with Christmas stuff.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Dianna said...

We always left our hands in their mouths to stop the biting thing. If Faraday wanted our hands in her mouth, they stayed there for a minute. Or as long as I could keep it there without actually gagging or hurting her (or myself... you might want to wear a glove but as long as they're young it's easier to avoid having them actually draw blood). We did that with Kip too.

5:54 AM  
Blogger dubby said...

After having all four of my kids in schools that didn't "fit" them, I am pro-voucher as well. Anything to give parents some choice and control. I guess I don't understand the system there because you did have some choice on what school the girls went to. I never did.

Maybe you should give your neighbors a ticket. (jk)

5:56 AM  
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