Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Knew It Was Evil

[I started this post on November 2, 2007, but never published it (lucky you!). But now (your luck has changed!), it is here for your amusement.]

In February of 2005 a new time-waster was born. Most of the world welcomed YouTube with open arms - but not me. Oh no, I knew it was evil! A time waster! And it was stupid! Who would want to watch other people's videos of their boring lives? It's boring! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!

So, up until about three weeks ago, I was, in effect, a YouTube virgin. I had never watched a single YouTube movie of my own free will. There was only one time that I saw one and I say that it wasn't my fault because my news station broadcasted it on the nightly news. See? Not my fault.

But a few weeks ago, someone told me about "The Mom Song". And I was curious, so I watched it. And the inevitable happened... I was hooked.

These are "oldies" but they still make me laugh every time I see or hear them.

Pachelbel Bedtime

Pachelbel Rant

The Mom Song




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