Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sick... and stuff!

Obviously I haven't been doing a lot of posting lately. It's not that I haven't had things to write about, what with The King and I celebrating our 10th Anniversary, The Princess turning EIGHT, and just the day-to-day life stuff.

But I've been sick. Majorly sick and it has not been fun. For those of you that know me, well, you know all about my asthma/bronchitis/coughing-up-a-lung-disease. And it's no fun, it wipes me out, and I'm exhausted! Funny how that happens when your lungs are maybe only working at 75% of their normal capacity.

As you recall, I went to the doctor last fall and was given an arsenal of drugs to use at my discretion. Amazingly enough, until a few weeks ago these drugs worked marvelously! I haven't been sick (well, not much) since then.

So why aren't they working now? Well, gee... maybe because I haven't been taking them. And why not, you might ask?

How about a picture to clue you in:

No... that's not a picture of my lungs. If your new to the world of ultrasounds, that would be a picture of a baby at about the age of 7 weeks! Our baby, to be precise. Arrival is estimated to be around November 13th. We are thrilled of course, but haven't told the girls yet. Trust me, this is a wise decision - time goes by very slowly around our house (according to them!) and nine-months is a long wait. I think we can afford to keep them in the dark for another month or so.

All is well. I'm feeling pretty good (aside from hacking up a lung every couple of hours) and hopefully, in another week or two I'll get back on track with this blog thing.

I miss you all... oh, and happy April!


Blogger Lara said...

OH WOW! Congratulations!!!! I hope that you can get to feeling better.

And, yes, ha ha...we went to Chili's for FHE last night. We just didn't have a chance before that with our crazy schedules. My favorite part was that Bria said to us when the hamburgers came, "Wow, you have to have a really big mouth to eat that!" Guess that's why they're called Big Mouth burgers. :)

12:16 PM  
Blogger dubby said...

Oh Boy, I'm going to be a Dubby again! I am so excited! Congratulations! How wonderful! Now eat even better and take care of yourself and your lungs!

Or was that an April Fool's joke???

6:50 AM  
Blogger gorillabuns said...

Is this an April Fool's Joke?


7:04 AM  
Blogger Sarah and Vince said...


~Sarahbug and VinceBug

11:52 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Congratulations! Also, thank you for posting a comment on my blog about the cadillac ranch in Amarillo, Tx. You are the first person, other than family, who has commented. I am slow to figure out how to set up everything on the blogs(I am sure that I'm not anywhere near to understanding it all). I have four children. They are such blessings, so congratulations again! I have one girl and three boys. They keep me busy! Any advise for blogging, I will gladly take with open arms. Hope you get to feeling better. Morning sickness is no fun at all! Hang in there. Your friend in Oklahoma City, OK. In case I did this wrong, I will respond back to you on your comment to me on the Cadillac ranch at my blog "america as seen by kelly @blogspot.com" or "kanluvscats.blogspot.com."

8:37 AM  

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