Friday, February 29, 2008

The Joys Of A Good Deal

The last month (has it only been a month?) has involved a lot of dollar-stretching, and I'm a little bit tired of it. I've made some decisions about our money situation, and they are all GOOD decisions, and it is very frustrating to not have any money to be able to implement any of the plans.

Last night, The Princess gave me a run for the money behaviorally speaking. I had had enough! So I went shopping.

I'll be honest, I went out there with the plan to buy whatever I wanted, because I was tired of scrimping and saving, and gosh darn it, there was stuff that we needed!

But once I got to Albertson's, I had calmed down enough that I decided I was going to get some deals (some of which we didn't necessarily need but WILL use) and that I was going to get them for a steal!

So I started shopping. And 43 items later, I had spent a total of $28.62. The part that stinks is that when I got home, I found coupons worth $2.35 that I could've used. Oh well! I still got some amazing deals.

Here's the list:
2 gallons of 2% milk
16 oz. Daisy Sour Cream
2 dozen Eggland Eggs
10 Frozen Dinners (for The King's Lunch)
3 (32 oz) bottles of Formula 409
1 Bag of Flat Earth Veggie Crisps
9 boxes of cereal
3 (24.5 oz) bottles of mandarin oranges
2 (20 oz.) jars of Planters Peanuts
10 bags of frozen "Steam Fresh" vegetables

Pretty good, huh?

Then I went to Wal-Mart. And I spent a little more than I was hoping to, but it really was stuff that we were running low on or things that needed to be replaced. But I successfully managed to get out of the store without a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs or even a single Cadbury Egg. So I did REALLY good. :) There just weren't any amazing deals (but there rarely are any deals at Wal-Mart - they just have lower prices in general).

Now I have to go pay some bills!


Blogger Deb said...

You're so much better at saving money than most people I know! I need to come grocery shop with you!

(But if you need a Reese's peanut butter egg, come on over, because we bought the BIG bag that had the peanut butter eggs, the cadbury mini eggs, the kit kats, and the robin eggs. Yes. I had all THREE kids with me and the biggest one is the worst!)

How did your "teacher" day go?

9:43 AM  
Blogger Sherri said...

Wow!! I am impressed - right now I can't get out of ANY store without a Cadbury Egg. I am so glad they don't sell these all year!! They are my Easter weakness!!

7:25 AM  
Blogger Abhishek Yadav said...

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4:32 AM  

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