Wednesday, March 04, 2009

... And You Don't Get Upset!

I'm back...

I'm actually excited to make my To-Do List. And maybe even more excited to cross things off of it! We'll see how it goes...

Complete Baby Shower #1 invite list.
Deliver Baby Shower #1 list to Becky.
Complete Baby Shower #2 invite list.
Deliver Baby Shower #2 list to Cindi.
Create chart to track insulin and glucose levels.
Submit glucose levels to doctor on Friday, March 6.
Return blue t-shirt to elementary school.
Make bank deposit.
Pick up kids from school.
Take Rebecca to piano lessons.
Wash ballet leotards and tights.
Check status of dishwasher and empty it or fill it or run it depending on its status.
Find a baby sitter for Rebecca, or make sure she can attend hospital tour.
Call Dad and decline invitation to Bobby McFerrin concert.
Rotate laundry (this is never ending).
Brush and style the girls hair.
Find receipt and return play money to Toys R Us.
Return books to Barnes & Noble.
Return Lincoln Logs to Wal-Mart.
Buy wooden letters for Matthew's name - still need A T T E
Pick out canister lights for basement bathroom.
Pick out lights (canister or central fixture?) for basement bedroom.
Pick out carpet for basement and family room.
Pick out sink and/or vanity for basement bathroom.
Decide on "kit" or custom tile for shower in basement bathroom.
Decide on linoleum or custom tile or floor in basement bathroom.
Register for a few baby items, just in case someone wants to buy the baby something.
Decide on mirror / medicine cabinet for basement bathroom.
Follow-up with Dad about "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" tickets on/after March 27th.
Finish Rag Quilt.
Purchase stroller for baby.
Decide on car seat for baby.


Blogger King Isepik said...

Don't forget Decide on Shower configuration (custom tile or prefab stall) and decide on bathroom flooring (custom tile or vinyl flooring) :)

11:07 AM  

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