Saturday, August 19, 2006

Couch Potato

I thought I was getting better. I SHOULD be getting better. I slept all through the night without my coughing waking me up. This is a good thing. The bad part is apparently I was still coughing because I woke KING ISEPIK up. Oops. Maybe I was just so exhausted I completely zonked out. Frankly, I am tired of coughing. I can do one activity (maybe) a day, and then anything else I try to do I can only complete with lots and lots of coughing attacks. Not fun.

My activity on Thursday was to take The Pink Princess shopping for school clothes. My Mom watched The Purple Dragon for me. We got several cute outfits and a new pair of shoes. Hopefully with what we bought and the few items that she has that still fit, we're set. She'll probably get a new outfit or two for Christmas, and one or two more for her birthday in March, and that will help cover the several inches she will grow during the upcoming months. I bought things on the large side though, so that will help too. After that I was completely exhausted.

I stayed home during the daylight hours on Friday, and allowed the kids to have some fun in the wading pool. When King Isepik got home, The Pink Princess and I went to Wal-Mart. The Princess had to buy two presents for upcoming birthday parties, and we needed some groceries/household supplies. Needless to say, when we got home I was again wiped out. King Isepik cooked a delicous dinner, and then he left to go gaming (role-playing). I was stuck with the kids, but I handled it fine. The King deserved the free time - he's been taking care of the family for the past couple of weeks. For the most part, anyway.

Today The King and I spent several hours watching "psych" on USA. It's a pretty good show - quirky, yet funny, and strangely addicting despite also being somewhat dumb. We like it. It's a series, but they were rerunning the first season today.

The Pink Princess went to a birthday party at "The Little Gym." She seemed to have a good time and came home happy. Always a plus.

The Purple Dragon stayed home with us and played with Play-Doh. She loves Play-Doh and was very happy.

That's all for now. There's just no excitement in my life at the present time. How exciting can a couch be? (Maybe you shouldn't answer that!)


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