Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot As Hell

I took the kids bowling today. We went with a friend from The Pink Princess' school. The Other Family seemed to have a lot of fun. So did I. The Pink Princess was upset that she wasn't winning (she came in 3rd), and I had to bowl for The Purple Dragon because she said it was too loud. Boy Classmate was the winner. It really helps the kids to get high scores when they have bumpers and ramps to push the balls down.

Afterwards we got pizza for lunch. Way over priced in my opinion, but that's what everyone wanted to do and I didn't want to rock the boat. Anyway.

King Isepik apparently had a talk with the kids and explained that they still have to do what he says even when he is not at home. Therefore I was lectured many times today about what I can and cannot do because Daddy said so. Whatever.

King Isepik says I call his work to chew him out. But he couldn't think of any specific incidents. I have no doubt that our conversations have NOT been taken well on his part because he has hung up on me many times, but at least a few of the times were for some unknown reason -- he must have misinterpreted things because I certainly wasn't mad. I also called him back a couple of times and attempted to smooth things over because I was certain he had misunderstood... but apparently he thinks that I just call him to piss him off.

I have been upset with him because he hasn't been listening to me. I'm not talking about something along the lines of he's not "obeying" me -- I mean I have something to talk about (say, involving one of the kids), and he doesn't respond or seem to hear me. Other things are apparently more important. He called me on it today, meaning he asked why I was mad, and I told him. But he doesn't agree with my assessment even though I gave him a specific incident.

My Grandpa is worried about The King. He doesn't understand why The King won't come to Sunday dinner. My Dad tries to make excuses for him "He's watching the race." My Mom thinks he doesn't like our family and doesn't like her cooking. Mom's basically right. When anybody asks me why he's not around, I tell them to call him. But nobody will because they are all scared of him.

I wasn't going to write about any of this on my blog but I don't have anyone else to vent to. So I figured what the heck. King Isepik writes about everything that upsets him, including things that I do, so I guess I get to do the same thing. But I'll probably get lambasted for it, because that's pretty much what happens whenever I say how I'm feeling. Besides, at least this way The King will read it and he'll know the truth - because if I try to talk about it he doesn't listen. So really, what am I supposed to do anyway?

In other news, it's hot here. Yes, I'm aware that it's probably hotter where you are (except for you folks who are currently in Alaska), and that's ok. But here it is hot. According to my computer it was 103 today. The day before, 102. The day before that, 104. And the day before that 102. You get the idea.


Blogger Isepik said...

Lambasted, no. I happen not to agree with you, however. Besides, I happen to be the nearest target whenever you're mad at anyone, including me, whether or not that particular person deserves it. That's part of marriage.

If anyone asks, I didn't do Sunday dinner with everyone (and it was 1 frickin day!) so they shouldn't expect me to hop to because THEY do it. No excuses necessary. I have no obligation to change the way I view/enjoy my Sundays.

Karen's right about Fay's cooking. I'm not a fan of it. It's too bland.

By the way, Karen, you know that I've always been somewhat quiet when it comes to responding to your inquiries (and I've asked you to remind me when I do it, because it's not an attempt to ignore you), but you tend to over-react to it. That's what you do, and the other is what I do. That's us.

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