Monday, January 29, 2007

Just Another Day Of Multi-tasking

I am currently watching '24' as I type this. Nothing special for a lot of you, but a rather big deal for me as usually the computer is in one room and the television is in another. But The King is sharing his laptop with me, so now I can multitask! Yay!

Tonight I dragged the entire family out into the very cold, extremely polluted air for over an hour while we stood in line to get free Disney On Ice tickets. Mission accomplished, and we will be partyin' with Mickey and the gang on March 14. The girls are excited, but I think they were ready to revolt by the time we were able to go home.

I made it onto 'the wall' as I mentioned yesterday. I think there's still a fair amount of room if you haven't gotten your name in yet.

I didn't get as much done around the house today as I wanted too, but I did manage to fill up another garbage bag of stuff though, so I guess I can't complain.

The Princess managed to wake herself up this morning and was dressed and eating breakfast by the time I forced myself out of bed. I think she was determined to ride the bus this morning. That was the plan anyway, but she really loves the bus so I guess she wanted to make sure that it happened.

The Dragon is working really hard to learn all of her ABC's by sight. I let her have a mini marshmallow for every 6 that she gets right. She is determined! I wonder why. :) She is my musical kid - today I caught her singing a song from 'Swan Lake' and no, she doesn't know it because of the Barbie movie. She loves music -- even classical music. This is a good thing.

Not much else to say, unfortunately. But you should know that hot chocolate from 7-11 is really delicious. Starbucks is good too, but more expensive and I don't have one nearby.

See you tomorrow!


Blogger dubby said...

Sounds like my dragon is rather goal-oriented. That's my girl! Give her an extra marshmallow from me, please.

6:45 AM  

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