Saturday, November 10, 2007

Same Old, Same Old

Today I woke up feeling very overwhelmed. I think I've mentioned this before. So, I decided that I needed to do something about it, so I let The King tell me what to do. Basically, he had to give me a job to work on for 15 minutes. There is still TONS of stuff to do, but I do feel good about what was accomplished today - though it wasn't much.

The King worked hard in the garden. He is getting it ready to be tilled, and is also taking some steps towards expanding it for next year. I think we need to be a little more cautious about how many zucchini plants make it into our garden, and perhaps not quite as many tomato plants either -- though I do LOVE tomatoes. Yum.

George has been very obnoxious and has drawn blood from my hand three times today. I really think that he's just trying to play - but gosh it hurts! The King clipped his claws today, but that's not keeping him from biting. I thought he was getting better, but apparently he had a relapse today. His teeth are sharp!

My business seems to be doing well. I really do love my job - and I'm trying to take steps to grow my business. The opportunities are really limitless - but it is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I really could take this to a whole new level, and go, for example, on a completely paid for (BY Creative Memories) Mediterranean Cruise with visits to Rome like my up-line did earlier this year. That would just be, well, awesome beyond years.

The weather was absolutely beautiful today - I don't know what the high was, but the girls were running around outside in short-sleeved shirts and shorts! In November! That's is just crazy for Utah. CRAZY!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments! I sure love hearing from my friends. You make me happy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last I heard it was snowing there! lol


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