Sunday, March 08, 2009

I'm Not Sure It's Getting Any Easier...

I've mentioned this many times before, but we have too much stuff. I have slowly been continuing my purge of things we no longer need, but it is SO hard.

I decided to keep one plastic bin for baby clothes that I just can't part with yet. It's helping. I think I've managed to give away at least 10 boxes of clothes that my girls have outgrown so far. I'm almost done.

I filled a box with toys today. Many of them would be things that our new baby (Matthew) could use eventually, but I decided to get rid of some so that I could also have the fun of buying him a few new toys every once in a while. I kept the best of the best, and got rid of the rest (Ha ha! I rhymed!).

But it still hurts. It's making me realize how fast our kids have grown up, and well, it makes me feel sad. I guess that's a normal part of being a parent, particularly a Mom, but I think it sucks.

I still have boxes of stuff to go through. I hope I can continue on to the end. We really need the space.


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