Monday, June 26, 2006

The Weekend

Time to catch you up on our life, I suppose.

We wanted to go to Lagoon on Thursday night but the girls had an incident, and therefore, we didn't go. Friday went fairly smoothly so we decided to go to Lagoon that evening. Everyone had a blast. The Pink Princess rode the old white roller coaster for the first time - and loved it! She got to go two times in a row, because The King and I switch off and take turns waiting with The Purple Dragon. Thankfully, Lagoon seems to have a "Baby Swap" policy, so we didn't have to wait in line twice which was really nice. She also tried the "Screamer", the "Wild Mouse" and the "Paratroopers" and liked all of them a lot. The Purple Dragon's new ride for the day was the "Paratroopers" and she did NOT like it. Other than that, we had a great time riding the "Sky Ride", "Music Express", the train (Lagoon has a zoo, complete with a lion!), the "Tilt-a-Whirl" and a few others. We stayed until about 10:30, and it was a lot of fun to experience Lagoon at night -- something I hadn't done in years.

On Saturday, The Pink Princess woke up with a fever and a sore throat. We medicated her, then dragged both her and The Purple Dragon to Home Depot. We bought a tree (a maple), and a microwave/hood to go over our stove/oven. We probably shouldn't have gone with The Princess being as sick as she was, but we didn't realize how bad she was until we were already at Home Depot. We went home and I made her a nice yogurt fruit salad with strawberries, apples, bananas and peach yogurt.

On Sunday, the intent was to go to Church, but it didn't happen. The Princess was still sick and I took the easy way out. We had my friend Deana (from college) and her fiance Derrick over for dinner. It was so nice to see her again, and her fiance seemed to be a really great guy. I'm really happy for her, and I'm excited to be a brides maid (matron) for her wedding next month.

This morning I decided to keep The Pink Princess home from summer school because she still had a low grade fever (99.1), only because fevers are usually lower in the morning, so I'm assuming it's going to go up as the day progresses. She says her throat doesn't hurt any more, so that's good. At any rate, another day of rest (sort-of) won't hurt her.

I've already unpacked 2 boxes today, and am in the process of unpacking two more. I'd like to find our knives. We are also missing our vegetable peeler - do you think it's with the knives? Got another load or two of laundry to do, and I need to change the sheets on all the beds. That should keep me sufficiently busy today.


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