Friday, December 29, 2006

Our Vacation - Day 4

Exhausted from all the walking we had accomplished at Disneyland and California Adventure the previous two days, we headed to Santa Barbara, California to visit my friend Gail and her daughter Amanda.

Unfortunately, we were so exhausted that we slept in, and then it took us a while to get going, and then we ran into really bad traffic. There was a 5-10 mile strip of ocean on our drive down, and The Pink Princess told me she saw a dolphin jumping in the water. Knowing that she hadn't been to an ocean in over 4 years, I figured she had confused the dolphin with the crashing of the waves. But a few minutes later, I saw one too. It was very cool!

By the time we finally arrived, it was around 3:00 (??? Someone fill me in here, I'm guessing) in the afternoon. Totally bummer deal, but not to worry, we were going to make the best of it!

Gail first took us to see the courthouse - I know, I know, it doesn't sound that thrilling but it's really a beautiful building with fantastic architecture and I'm really glad that I got the opportunity to see it. You can take an elevator up to an observation deck right below the clock tower and it had an amazing view. Gorgeous!

The Purple Dragon giving Miss Gail a kiss.

Beautiful view. I have no idea what the building is in the foreground.

Lovin' the ocean!

After we finished our visit at the courthouse, we made a quick stop at a coffee shop across the street because all the kids were dyin' of thirst. Thirst quenched, we headed for the beach! Let me just say, I LOVE the beach. And it seemed like the kids did too, even though it was a little bit chilly. Pictures say more than words, so I'll be quiet now and let you see our adventure instead.

The Purple Dragon playing in the sand.

Amanda and the Princess.

The Purple Dragon and the King.

The Dragon braves the water.

The Pink Princess walking in the ocean.


Amanda and the Princess - totally inseperable by this point.

OK, I'll say it again... I simply LOVE the ocean.

Cute feet!

After the beach, we headed to the wharf where we found a place to eat. The King took advantage of the sea food, the rest of us stuck to things like burgers, chicken tenders and french dip sandwiches. After dinner we headed back to Gail's where she made us Apple Nut Ring for dessert -- one of my favorites! The King and the girls watched a movie, and Gail and I got a little bit of time to chat and attempt to catch up. Our day ended all too soon, but it was so wonderful to see our friends again!

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Blogger Gail said...

Best day of the whole trip wasn't it? :D ha! kidding, but it was so great to se eyou guys and catch up and love on the princess and the dragon :) I still owe the princess pictures. I'll work on that asap :)

4:02 PM  

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