Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nothing To Say

Truly I am apathetic. I really feel like I have nothing to say. My life currently consists of wrapping presents and laundry. It's mind numbingly boring.

I am sure that you will be happy to know that The Purple Dragon is in much better spirits and has been fever free for 3 days.

The Pink Princess wants to know if Santa can walk through houses (like walk through walls)...

[Yes. I think so. Because some people don't set out a key like we do, and they don't have a chimney either.]

and what the words are that she always pronounces wrong...

[ambulance = ambleeance & remember = renember]

and why other kids get more play dates than her.

[Probably because they have really cool moms and you don't. No, I don't really say that. It's more like I babble something about how she has plenty of play dates - like remember when Nicole and Amy came over right after we moved into our new house 6 months ago? OK - seriously, she has had plenty of playdates... but these are the thoughts that cross my mind.]

And that's all I have to say!


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