Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our Vacation - Day 5

After spending a beautiful afternoon in Santa Barbara, we were ready to return to the Magic Kingdom. Back to Disneyland we went, convinced we were going to complete every ride and attraction that we had yet to visit. Yeah, right!

The attractions we visited today were:
Chip 'n Dale Treehouse
Donald's Boat
Goofy's Playhouse
Mickey's House and Meet Mickey
Minnie's House
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
Astro Orbitor
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Space Mountain
Alice in Wonderland
Disney Princess Fantasy Faire
It's A Small World Holiday
Mad Tea Party
Matterhorn Bobsleds

First, a quick stop to visit that silly bear Baloo from the Jungle Book.

The Dragon was so excited to see Pluto... he's a DOG you know. :)

Time to help Buzz Lightyear out in Astro Blasters!

Taking a spin on the teacups - yep, we were whirlin' away when this picture was taken.

King Isepik trying on a silly hat at The Mad Hatter.

While we were in 'The Mad Hatter' the girls purchased Mickey Ears. The Purple Dragon's had pink ears, complete with crown and pink veil. The Pink Princess' was a 'Princess Pirate' complete with earring dangling from the left ear. You should be able to view the hats in the next few pictures.

Next on the list was Princess Fantasy Faire. Disney was kind enough to provide paper crowns and stickers so that the kids could decorate their own princess crowns. We also chose to wait in a very long line (One hour? Two?) so that we could meet some very special princesses. It was so worth it.

First on the list was the fairest of them all... the lovely Snow White.

We arrived during a shift change, so we got an extra princess -- the exotic Princess Jasmine.

Beautiful Belle...

And the charming Cinderella. Cinderella scooped The Dragon right up, and they yammered on and on for over 5 minutes.

Toontown has a serious problem! This jail can't hold the hoodlums in!!!

I love Toontown. Everything looks all, well... cartoony. It's fun.

The Purple Dragon is ticklin' the ivories! It really plays!

At last! The Pink Princess with Mickey Mouse!

This may have been the hilight of The Purple Dragon's day.

The Purple Dragon falls asleep again... this time on the Astro Orbitors.

The Princess and The King ride on Space Mountain. It's a roller coaster in the dark!

We left early so that we could get up really early the next day. There was still so much to see! The Pink Princess bought a 'Princess Aurora' bank before we left.

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