Thursday, November 15, 2007

Substitute Substitute

The Princess' teacher sent an e-mail yesterday that informed the parents that there would be a substitute teacher today.

Apparently, when the kids walked into the classroom, there was NO substitute teacher. Chaos ensued.

Eventually, one or two children (they must be the truly gifted ones) decided that they should go to the office and report that there was no teacher for the class.

Shortly thereafter, we (meaning me and one other parent) showed up and had to substitute for the substitute.

This is NOT how I wanted to spend my morning.

Eventually, just barely 2 hours after school had started for the day, a substitute showed up. This substitute was not to blame for the "oops" so we were all very nice to her and there was much rejoicing.

I can't believe I actually wanted to become a teacher. I think I am grateful that it never happened.


Blogger dubby said...

I would have LOVED to spend a morning in a roomful of six year olds. (or is it seven)

5:12 AM  

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