Sunday, January 06, 2008

D is for Dianna

Dianna is here!

We (meaning The King and I) haven't spoken to her much because The Princess and The Dragon have been keeping her very busy with all of their toys.

Since Dianna insisted that she didn't mind playing with them, we kind-of left well enough alone and did our own thing.

I like having a full-time babysitter in my house.

Sadly, my babysitter leaves tomorrow morning. We wish her lots of luck at BYU-I!

No more sleeping in, we've got the 9:00 time slot at church this year. Amazingly enough, we were on time. Early, in fact. The key to keeping this up will be making sure that the girls take their showers or baths and laying out their clothes on Saturday night. I really enjoyed coming home and having the rest of the day available for "whatever."

Just for the record, I don't purposely feed my cat all of these human-foods. He's very good at scavenging snacks off the floor. Maybe I should sweep more often.

OK, I admit it, this totally stinks but I'm not posting the joke. I can't find it. But, The Princess wanted to tell me a joke earlier today and proceeded to read it out of her joke book. The joke involved a dinosaur getting into a car accident with a truck full of thesaurus', and when the joke described the accident victims, it was basically a thesaurus entry... along the lines of "the dinosaur was shocked, anxious, frightened, horrified, petrified, startled, scared, terrified..."

Obviously, I laughed at the joke, but noticed that The Princess wasn't laughing. I asked her if she understood the joke. "No Mommy, but the funny part is what The Dragon said!" Apparently, when Dianna was trying to explain the joke, she asked the girls if they knew what a 'thesaurus' was. "Yes," exclaimed The Dragon, it's a Long Neck (brachiosaurus)!"

So I guess it was a joke inside a joke... but I'm not really sure it was that funny to begin with. But it was rather cute. :)

My friend Lara is trying to simplify her life. I really should follow her example, because I have way too many things going on at the same time, and I'm falling rapidly behind. Again. It's the same old story, and I'm getting really tired of the ending. HELP!

My friend Debbie has a house that has ghosts! I think it's cool, but it freaks me out at the same time. I really love hearing about stuff like this, but I think if I experienced it in real life, well, maybe I wouldn't think it's so cool anymore. Do you believe in ghosts?


Blogger dubby said...

Your gain is my loss. I know she must be having a terrific time.

I think you were on to church for the same reason I was late.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Misty said...

I, too, am an early-to-church kind of girl. The kids and I get there about 20 minutes early so they can use the bathroom (again) and get themselves situated. We just switched to 11am church, and I have to say, that's a little easier for me! I don't believe in ghosts, but do believe in the spirit world, and my kids love to tell jokes too, and I just laugh, at the end, no matter what, and it seems to satisfy them!

The tulip photographs were taken at Nielsons Grove, down the street from the Orem Walmart.

Thanks for stopping by!

7:48 AM  
Blogger Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Yep, our cat isn't all that fond of the vacuum cleaner either. However, she isn't all too crazy about eating people food and often won't even eat stuff that cats are supposed to eat, like liver, tuna, even hamburger or steak. But man oh man, does she like mint leaves. We get a ton of laughs every time we give her a mint leaf to chew on. Now THAT's entertainment.

7:14 PM  

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